Everyone’s fave sexy older vegan, actor Woody Harrelson, disrupted the press coverage of tennis’s top event yesterday, as reported by News.com.au, when he got locked out of the big match by officials.

Woody, who’s been a vegan warrior since his early twenties and in 2012 won PETA’s Sexiest Vegan title, got out of his seat between serves to fetch himself and his partner a lovely glass of white wine. The match was back in full volley by the time he was set to sit down again, but officials were having none of that. Instead, the Woodster had to stand on the stairs while the match played out. While he looked suitable unimpressed, he did managed to down both wines and head back to the bar to get a couple more. Which probably explain the wide-eyed stares, hilarious expressions and weird mouth licking that the Zombieland star went on to reveal.

Woody can do no wrong in our eyes and in fact, we hold int in even higher esteem as he’s made tennis just that little bit more interesting. We can’t help wondering though – was it vegan wine?


Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images (via News.com.au)