Heading to Byron Bay? Make sure you stop by this plant-based restaurant and alchemy bar. What’s that, you say? What is an alchemy bar? We are so glad you asked. It’s a high-vibrational environment that allows you to step outside of your everyday life and walk right into your bliss.

Still confused? OK, let’s make it clearer. The entire concept of this beautiful bar-restaurant takes veganism to the next level.

Consuming plant-based food and drinks is just one part of the story. Elixiba walks the walk and talks the talk in every aspect of its existence, from its carefully curated space with sustainable furniture to packaging that reduces waste to the planet and harm to animals. And, it’s within this space that you can truly enjoy plant powered foods and elixirs, thus finding yourself more connected to the experience and your life and passion in general.

Now, let’s discuss the menu, because we are predominantly here for the food, right? We reckon pretty much everything on this lush list is a must-have, but seriously, do not miss the Coco-Mari. That’s coconut made into a meal that resembles fried calamari. In fact, it’s so near like the sea-stolen-stuff, we had to ask if it actually was Fruitti del Mar! We promise you, it’s not.

Another must-eat menu item is the ‘Mazing Macro Bowl, which is a nourishing bowl brimming with organic rice, roasted vegetables, steamed greens, fresh greens, house fermented pickles and your choice of plant protein and sauce. Get it in your belly!

While you’re drooling over the food, don’t forget the drinks … ahem, elixirs!

Image courtesy of @elixiba.

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