Few things say ‘I’ve got my act together’ quite like perfectly manicured nails. We love, love, love nail polish and try to sport as many shades as possible. What we most certainly do not love, is chemical-laden colours that are created with cruelty. They’re no good for anyone, not our hands and nails and especially not the critters we need to be protecting.

Enter, Duri Nail Polish. With an array of over 200 hues, as well as a cult treatment product called Rejuvacote and the ultimate quick-dry polish, Miracote, Duri will quickly become your new must-have accessory.

This environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free collection of colours hails from the USA but can soon be found on The Vegan Company’s online shop (in the meantime, check out Duri Nail Polish on Hard to Find). You’re welcome.

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