Boasting modern classic (cruelty-free) designs that put top luxe labels to shame, this NYC ethical luxury handbag label is making serious waves in fashion circles, garnering praise from leading fash mags the world over.

The brand is created on a foundation of kindness, values and love and is guided by the design duo’s vision of bringing virtue to the world with the splendour of fashion. They truly believe that the goodness of people can alter the world for the better and hope to pave a path of altruism, promisingly transforming the face of fashion.

Indeed, they’ve carved a niche with totally on-trend collections that only use premium vegan leather and support mistreated animals. They also operate sweat-shop free manufacturing and ensure all pieces are handcrafted by skilled artisans. Prices are pretty fair, too, so there’s every reason to get all over this label. Check it out at Angela Roi.

Image courtesy of Angela Roi.