Fact: When asked what is the one makeup item you can’t function without, the majority of women say mascara. And if you’re looking for a compassionate choice that doesn’t short change on bold, beautiful pigment and everlasting wear, then read on.

Vegan makeup artist Steffanie Strazzere, part of the Kat Von D Beauty Artistry Collective, was in Sydney this week to launch the label’s new Go Big Or Go Home Volumizing Mascara in Trooper Black – an extreme-volume mascara with flake- and smudge-resistant long wear, powered by plant-based fats.

This formula contains a plant-based blend of waxes that provide the base for extreme vegan volume. The ‘Fluff Brush’ has wavy fibre bristles that coat each lash for intensely fluffy coverage.

“A lot of people wouldn’t realise there’s beeswax and carmine [a red dye made from beetles] in mascara,” says Steffanie. “In this one, they have been swapped out for plant-based fats such as sunflower seed oil and olive oil. If anything this makes it even better. Our eyelashes are hair and they need some TLC. Natural oils leave your lashes in lovely condition and the matt finish makes your eyes pop!”

Steffanie has been a vegan herself for a little over two years. Prior to that she was vegetarian. “I have seven cats,” she explains. “They’re all special needs in some way and I’ve collected them from all over the world. I realised that there’s no difference between them and other animals, so why was I making a distinction?”

Steffanie says a trip to Circle V – a vegan music and food festival in Los Angeles – in 2016 tipped her into full vegan mode. But she also credits fellow vegan and animal activist Kat Von D with being an inspirational part of that journey.


Steffanie first met Kat on Instagram. At the time she was working as a makeup artist for a major beauty company, and had become disillusioned when she found out they had re-started testing on animals.

“I’d posted a picture of a lip I’d done on Instagram. It was green, with a black outline, and I’d used different colours to give an effect like a beetle’s wing casing. When Kat direct messaged me, it was like my Disney moment. She said, ‘You should work for me!’ and it completely transformed my life. Kat pushes my boundaries and takes me out of my comfort zone. I find her compassion amazing. She has this mantra: ‘Doing the best is the least we can do.’ That says it all for me.”

These days Steffanie spends less time on Instagram.

“You see pictures of what everyone is doing, and then you think you should be doing that too, and I just find it can be so stifling. So I stopped looking about a year ago. I use nature as my inspiration now – all those patterns and textures. Being able to recreate it is magical.”


Find Kat Von D Go Big Or Go Home Volumizing Mascara at Sephora.

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Images: Go Big Or Go Home Volumizing Mascara launch, Sydney Australia

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