What’s the fuss about Warpaint? This refreshing take on oral care is a charcoal-based toothpaste powder that works to whiten and brighten your teeth after just one use (continued use makes your smile even more dazzling).

Australian-made, Warpaint is 100 percent vegan and completely natural. While many traditional toothpastes and whitening products contain toxic chemicals and destructive microbeads that end up in the ocean and cause untold damage to marine life, Warpaint has the absolute minimum possible impact on our planet and te creatures we share it with.

It relies on activated coconut shell charcoal and Australian calcium clay to remove plaque and debris from your teeth, while organic sweet orange oil, peppermint and lemon myrtle freshen the breath, improve the overall health of your mouth and provide a really great taste.

What’s more, the calcium clay helps to remineralise and strengthen your pearly whites as you polish and it’s totally non-abrasive, so there’s no need to concern yourself or your dentist, over enamel wear. It’s also really porous, so it quickly absorbs any foreign matter in the mouth, thus allowing the activated charcoal to go forth and enhance your gorgeous grin.

The downside? There isn’t one that we can see, except brushing your teeth with black paste might take a little getting used to for some. We see that as a massive bonus though – at least you can see the spots that fall in the sink and wipe them away immediately (unlike white toothpaste, which has an annoying habit of building up around the drain).

Warpaint is available at: warpaintco.com.au

Image courtesy of Warpaint.

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