Hey Healthy Hottie,

Let’s talk about sex today! Anyone else excited?

Have you ever wondered if there was a magic potion or pill you could take to improve your sex life?

Sorry, but the pharmaceutical industry has been conning us all—we don’t need drugs to have better sex! Nature already has a much more effective answer.

One of the most common pieces of advice for anyone wanting to increase their libido or improve their sex life is this: eat healthy and get slim.

Why? Because healthy lifestyle choices equate to happy sex lives, pretty much on a 1:1 scale. For women in particular, heart and circulatory diseases have been shown to correlate to diminished sexual pleasure. That’s probably because reduced blood flow to the pelvic area leads to lower arousal, less lubrication, less intense orgasm, and lower overall satisfaction. Same outcomes for high blood pressure.

Darn, right? We don’t want that…

Lucky for you, there’s such an easy fix to this problem. Researchers discovered that increased consumption of fruit, nuts, and legumes correlated to higher “Sexual Function Index” scores for female test subjects. For men, you ask? They experienced improvements in their “Index of Erectile Function” scores. (Yep, that’s real!)

Let me say this even more clearly: a plant-focused (or ideally plant-based) diet leads to improved sex for both men and women.

What’s more, the largest study diet and erectile dysfunction concluded that for every extra serving of fruit or veg per day, men could be at 10% lower risk. Wild, right? Researchers think this could all have something to do with the anti-inflammatory properties of whole plant foods. Even fibre could be involved as an anti-inflammatory agent, as test subjects who eat more fibre tend to experience significantly less inflammation. Saturated fat, on the other hand, seems to do the opposite. No coincidence here that animal products are the biggest source of saturated fat in our diets.

Here’s another sexy fact you may not know: The inflammation levels in our bodies can shift after just one meal! If the anti-inflammatory properties of plant foods are linked to improving our sex lives, that means even one big plate of luscious greens or beautiful, juicy fruit could improve our sexual experience—today!

Too bad there’s no money for the pharmaceutical industry in whole plant foods. If there were, you’d better believe the whole world would be lining up to buy their fruit and veg…and then running to the bedroom.

Now that you know this sexy secret about improving sex, though, will you ever eat anything else?


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