There’s a new tuna in town and it’s ruffling feathers (or should that be fins?).

It’s plant-based which means it’s seafood-free, mercury-free and gluten-free, yet packed with nutritious omega 3s and features the light, flaky texture of the real thing.

Created in collaboration with seafood industry experts to help address the growing crisis of global fish stocks being overfished and depleted, you wouldn’t think there was much to offend.

But the Tuno brand, that has already hit shelves at Coles, has made a big splash – and not in a good way – with the Australian seafood industry.

Tuna manufacturers claim it is named and packaged in such as way that it’s trading off the good reputation of the seafood industry. Just like producers in other areas of food manufacturing, they have called for clearer labelling on ‘alternative’ products.

The company behind Tuno points out that the packaging clearly states it’s a ‘plant-based protein’.

And Vegan Australia has weighed in by saying that it goes both ways, and the degree of animal suffering should be made clear on all non vegan food labelling.

Game on.

Loma Linda Tuno is available at, $2.35 for a 142g tin, in three flavours: Spring Water, Sriracha, and Lemon Pepper.