The world’s (arguably) first vegan hotel has opened in Scotland.

Saorsa 1875 flung wide its doors last month in Pitlochry, a Highlands village that’s a popular stop for travellers on their way to the famous Loch Ness. The 11-room boutique hotel caters to eco-conscious vegans (or those interested in in being so).

“The vegan philosophy extends through every aspect of the hotel. Furnishings, toiletries, cleaning products are all vegan as well as the food and drink,” the hotel’s head of lifestyle, Jack McLaren-Stewart, told Lonely Planet.

The 19th-century baronial building is entirely powered by Ecotricity, a Vegan Society-certified green energy company.


And there’s no skimping on luxury.

The 11 bedrooms are individually styled with a calming combination of luxurious linens, bohemian styling and antique furnishings. Vegan toiletries and bedding mean you can stay in style without compromising your ethics.

Downstairs, the lounge and restaurant is a cosy all-day spot for relaxing by the fire. The menu is completely plant-based and showcases local, seasonal and foraged produce – all washed down with local craft beers, a rotating selection of organic vegan wines and vegan cocktails.

If you’re thinking about dropping by for dinner, the hotel is currently waiting on a full service alcohol licence so is unable to serve drinks to non-residents. But you’re welcome to bring your own wine… providing it’s vegan, of course.


For more information, visit:

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