If you’re an adventurous foodie, a vegan, or gradually transitioning that way, here are nine vegan-friendly retreats on the platter for you:

1. Mexico
Straying away from an image of serving only beef tacos or chicken empanadas in the name of Protein dishes, Mexico has joined the group of vegan-friendly retreats. Whether you choose to go for a Honeymoon & Yoga holidays in Mexico, Surf camp in Puerto Escondido, or a Yoga retreat in Guanajuato, you will find a variety of vegan foods, raw food items, and a strong influence of “greens and green juices” on the menu. There are retreats that include a lot of vegetarian foods as well, so that everyone has a share in the happy moment.

2. India
The land of Ayurveda and a country known for its spicy dishes, India shall serve you the best of both worlds. With more than 60% of the population thriving on a vegetarian diet, it is not that difficult to find a vegan alternative to your favourite dishes. Mostly the places here that offer the best of retreats are known for their culture and religious significance. Therefore, you can find a lot of cruelty-free food items. You can choose to go for a retreat in Rishikesh, Ayurveda therapy in Kerala, or a meditation session on a beach in Goa.

3. South Africa
Known for its wild jungles and abundant fauna, South Africa is the new favourite of people leading an ethical lifestyle. Surprisingly, you will find a deep Buddhist influence on the culture here and as a result a lot of retreats offer foods that come from cruelty-free sources. You may find affordable Juice cleanse programs, detox retreats, Yoga retreats in Western Cape, Women retreats in with vegan food options, and Surf & Yoga holidays in Muizenberg with a lot of healthy food options.

4. Costa Rica
You cannot get enough of the sandy bays, coarse sands, and palm lined beaches in Costa Rica. The destination has the best of beaches and some of the amazing wild forests offering perfect natural ambience for retreats and meditative walks. Another feather in the cap is the new Vegan food additions in the travel packages and menu for globe trotters. You can find a new range of retreats, such as Revitalize Yoga Retreats, Thermal Hydrotherapy, detox retreats, and Surf holidays that is coupled with healthy Vegan or vegetarian food menu for added benefits.

5. France
Known for its magnificent historical architecture and sweet delights, France has much more to offer to its travelers and onlookers. Whether you go for Hiking in the beautiful French Alps, culinary vacations in Southern France, or Yoga Retreats in Vaucluse, everything about the experience including the food, is going to be serene and eco-friendly. You will find a food menu that may have non-vegan options with its vegan alternatives and green juices to support it the right way.

6. Thailand
Even though Thailand is known for its seafood and fish dishes, the retreats here offer some of the most amazing vegan friendly menu and offer lessons on ethical living. The Yoga retreats in Ko Pha Ngan, Wellness programs in Phetchabun, detox holidays in Koh Samui and retreats in Phuket are some of the initial steps in the roadmap to finding vegan-friendly retreats. Another wonderful thing about Thailand is that the country offers a range of most affordable retreats in the world. So, what are you waiting for?

7. The Western United States
Vegan is a trend that first started in the US and gradually captured the attention of people in different parts of the world. With that said, it is easy to find vegan-friendly retreats in the country and especially the popular Western America. A number of options, such as Women meditation retreats in Colorado, Iyengar retreats in Montana, Yoga holidays in Whitefish, and detox retreats in California are some of the health vacation ideas you can reach out for. You may find a lot of meat dishes but also find a number of vegan alternatives and healthy food options.

8. Greece
The whitewashed old architecture, sandy beaches, and beautiful weather all year long are some of the aspects about Greece that pulls in travellers from all over the world. You can now totally vouch for this destination as a Vegan or a health conscious traveller. There are a number of retreats now offering vegan foods, green juices and wide salad varieties for that much needed health punch. Whether you choose Tantric Shiva/Shakti workshops in Leros Island, Solo retreats in Paros, or Yoga holidays in Cyclades, there is so much for vegans from all over the world.

9. Nepal
If you are interested in exploring parts of Asia for satiating your retreat desires, then Nepal could be the deal. A destination embellished by the beauty of the Himalayas, Nepal surely has something special for vegans and health travellers. Go for hiking in the Kathmandu valley, Transformation healing Yoga in Nagarjuna forests and retreats in Pokhara. Every part of this experience will let you enjoy some of the delicious vegan foods and healthy alternatives to the scrumptious dishes in the Nepali cuisine.
Do not fret because of the limited food options, it is time to let loose and enjoy the ride.

Guest post by Om Singh from Retreat Kula.


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Om Singh is blogging at Retreat Kula, a website that offers yoga retreats and yoga teacher training for yogis around the world. Om is always on the lookout for interesting places to visit. It took him 25 years of his life to realize where his true calling lies, but once that was done, there was no looking back. In the last ten years when he’s been on the go, Om’s been sharing his travel experiences by writing about them.

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