And you’re going to love this plant based Pret a Porter! 

Move over, G’Day L.A. Take a seat, 91st Academy Awards. The Los Angeles 2019 Vegan Fashion Week is here, and it’ll kick every other event in Hollywood to the kerb.

The four-day event runs across 1st – 4th February at the Natural History Museum and California Market Centre. The theme – Facing Our Time – is truly apt. It will explore the challenges we face around ecological and climate change through the lenses of science, nature, and art.

The City of Angels is taking enormous leaps when it comes to compassion in fashion and kindness in general everyday life. You’ll recall last September’s huge news that it banned the production and sale of animal fur.

Now, with the announcement of Vegan Fashion Week, plus the endless array of vegan restaurants and food options available there, it’s truly setting itself apart as a leader in vegan circles. I mean, just look at how many plant-based celebs live there.

OK, back to the nuts and bolts of it all … L.A. Vegan Fashion Week will be produced and curated by accomplished French fashion stylist, public relations guru and animal rights activist, Emmanuelle Rienda (

The event is dedicated to elevating ethical fashion globally – perfect timing, given the growing pressure to address and eliminate cruelty within the fashion industry.

Launching with an industry-only event on February 1st, which is to be held at the Natural History Museum, Vegan Fashion Week promises to be ground breaking. The museum will open its galleries, diorama halls and public spaces, with highlights of the event including a talk by the climate scientist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Robert Lempert and a vegan fashion show, where the line-up of designers showcasing their collections over the week will be announced.

Over the next two days, industry and members of the public alike can explore A Vegan World at the California Market Centre. There, they will unearth a curated selection of animal-free designer pieces and like-minded individuals will have the chance to connect through activations and experiential exhibitions, as well as a conference featuring intellectual panels discussing the most critical issues in the fashion industry and the existing alternatives. Themes that will be explored include: Animal Rights, Social Justice, Circularity, Technology and Intersectionality.

In between shows, attendees can chill in the Vegan Lounge, with cruelty-free fashion, beauty and food available. Already jam-packed with emerging designers and exciting exhibitors, we’re loving this big, bold vision. It’s the start of a trend towards vegan fashion becoming mainstream. We say Hallelujah to that!

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