The world of vegan fashion is clad in assumptions that are outdated, misguided or downright wrong. Here’s where we dust them off and send them on their way.

MYTH It’s not stylish

BUSTED This is not only untrue, it’s actually the complete opposite of what’s happening on Planet Fashion right now. In 2019 it’s one of the hottest style trends on the block, with ‘ethical threads’ making it onto Pinterest’s Top Trends for 2019. As vegan designers Matt and Nat, Dalia McPhee, Jill Milan, Stella McCartney, Cult Gaia, Mink Shoes and more garner more mainstream magazine attention, the beetroot tie dye is most definitely a thing of the past.

MYTH It’s expensive

BUSTED Fashion encompasses a vast range of price points and vegan fashion is no different. You can spend as much as you like and while the sky’s the limit, there are also much more affordable options – check out The Iconic where you’ll find more than 600 stylish choices that won’t break the bank. One of the key things about vegan fashion is it not only looks good, it’s also sustainably and ethically produced, and if you care about that, chances are you won’t be choosing pieces you want to chuck into landfill at the end of the season. Factor in the ‘cost per wear’ and you have a wardrobe full of bargains.

MYTH It’s not natural

BUSTED Au contraire. Once upon a time plastics and pleather may have featured in your basic vegan wardrobe but there’s a more holistic approach to looking after the planet these days. Cork, bamboo, pineapple, coconut, mushroom… these new fibres and fabrics are not only 100 per cent naturally animal-free, they’re also often made from recycled or waste products. It’s a win all round.

MYTH It’s hard to find

BUSTED That may have been true a few years back but remember the adage that where high fashion goes the high street will follow? Retailers been stealthily getting in on the act over the past couple of years with UK powerhouse Marks & Spencer one of the latest to expand its range in response to spiralling online searches. Net a Porter reports such strong sales of brand such as Nanushka, it’s welcomed OCHI and Veja into the fold. Type ‘vegan clothing’ into and you get a staggering 10,000 suggestions from your autumn racing fedora down to your metallic Doc Martens.

MYTH It’s not good quality

BUSTED So if it isn’t made from an animal it’s not going to last the distance, right? Wrong. While plastic-based alternatives aren’t a long term solution on any level, traditional thinking that nothing lasts longer than animal hide is out the window, as the new plant-based alternatives are shown to be strong, flexible, durable and water-resistant. And since they’re made from natural fibres, they breathe and feel like leather, too.