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About Us

The Vegan Company

Sustainability, empathy and a good smack of luxury are at the core of The Vegan Company. We want to inspire you to lead a greener, more connected way of life that doesn’t scrimp on style.

We get it. Veganism is a beautiful concept, but it can seem like a lot at first. Dairy, leather, honey, cashmere, eggs – all gone. But it’s not about sacrifice (we make damn sure it’s not, anyway!). It’s about finding options that bring you pleasure sans any pain. To us, luxury and veganism are happy bedfellows.


We love beautiful things. But we don’t think they should literally cost the earth. Scientists may be looking at other habitable planets, but we like this one and we want to take care of it. Our mission is to create a world where ethical choices are easier to make. No fuss, no faff. Essentially, we want to help you keep living that good life with minimal collateral damage to Mother Earth.

We’re all in this together

Yes, we’re flying the flag for the vegan way of life, but we’re not vegan-centric – we’re human-centric. You may be a vegetarian or a pescatarian who is taking steps towards veganism. You may have been a vegan since the days of yore. Wherever you’re at, we’ve created a no-judgement zone that provides curated beauties and connects you with the ever-growing collection of plant-based inspiration and information.

So, who is this royal “we”?

“We”. It’s all very enigmatic, isn’t it? Fact is, we (Mel and Sal) don’t want The Vegan Company to be all about us. It’s about all of us as a collective. We want to create a community that is a lovely little hybrid of curious minds and big hearts. Hence the use of “we” and not “Mel this” and “Sal that”. And seriously. Blah.

But, for transparency’s sake, here’s a little bit about this royal “we” that keeps being bandied about.

Melissa Thomson (nee Hobbs)
Mel is a committed animal rights campaigner and the co-founder of Meat Free Week. Yeah, that little global campaign that names Jamie Oliver as one of its supporters. Okay, all name-dropping and humble-bragging aside, Mel’s path to veganism was not a coconut oil-infused slippery slide. Seriously, how does a chocaholic get their hit as a vegan? And how do you get through the smoke and mirrors game of sorting out vegan from cruelty free from natural? She came to the conclusion that helping the planet should be not be so bloody hard. And so came The Vegan Company – a website of curated goodies and insights that makes the move to veganism that little bit smoother for all.

Sally Souter
For Sal, The Vegan Company is a non-judgemental space for vegans and the vegan curious to get their hit of eco-conscious inspiration. Until recently, Sal was a devoted vegetarian – with a mission to deprogram herself from her meat-and-two-veg upbringing and move herself and her family towards an entirely vegan lifestyle. It was a beautiful work-in-progress with Sal recently arriving at her vegan destination. Sal understands the challenges felt by so many fellow vegan-curious readers who are looking to integrate more vegan choices into their lives. She’s also a fashion tragic who doesn’t believe feeling good should come at the expense of the earth. And believes our choices can keep this beautiful planet of ours, well, beautiful.

A small aside…

We’re big on openness so want to put it all out there – yes, we will be making money by showcasing some products. But no, that is not why they are on the page – we do not trade our values for money. It’s a symbiotic relationship where the brand or beautiful thing fits within our value system and is something we would happily use/eat/wear/gaze adoringly at. It’s a win-win scenario that allows us to keep The Vegan Company alive and sharing the plant-based love. But rest assured – you, the planet and our collective well-being are our priorities.

P.S. Don’t be a stranger – we’d love to get to know you better! – Feel free to email us at – Follow us on Pinterest or Facebook and leave a comment – Tag us on Instagram with #TheVeganCompany