Sometimes it’s hard to be a vegan woman.

While there’s an increasing range of vegan foods on offer if you go to the right restaurants, and guidance available from various sources in the world of fashion, there are always going to be those more personal products, about which you don’t feel quite so comfortable making enquiries. When it comes to intimate feminine care, how do you know if the products you choose contain beeswax or silk protein? And what do you know of their testing provenance?

A few years ago, Lucy Atherton was working for The Body Shop, developing its skincare ranges. She admired the principals and decided to apply them to her own business, Woowoo. No, not the cocktail, it’s a range of feminine hygiene products – designed to give women body confidence inside and out. Lucy started working on the idea in 2016, found a female chemist to develop her formulations, then sourced manufacturers to make the products on a commercial scale. Woowoo started trading online in the UK in September 2018. They now ship to dozens of countries around the world, including Australia. The online store offers a fun range of beauty products for you to pamper, preen and protect your vaginas (yes, they use the v word), including hair removal, tightening gel, soothing balm, intimate wipes and lightening cream for those hard to reach places.

We had a quick chat with Lucy and here’s what she had to say.

Q What inspired your journey into the ‘care down there’ business?
A Despite all those fantastic scenes from Sex and the City in the 1990s, we still seemed to be stuck in the 1960s with our attitudes to women and sexuality. It was 2016 and all the products in the feminine care and sexual health available were medicinal, apologetic or overtly targeted at men. Nothing recognised women’s sexual agency.

Q How’s business?
A Amazing thank you! It’s been really hard work, but we’re getting such great feedback from our customers that it makes it all worthwhile.

Q What are the best selling products?
A Our biodegradable vegan Cranberry and Aloe Vera wipes. They’ve been so popular that we’re launching a Cranberry wash.

Q What are your vegan credentials?
A We operate based on our principles. Most of our ingredients are organic and vegan but we don’t shout about it. We try to promote in a fun, light hearted, sex positive way to encourage women not to be embarrassed about their sexuality. The original product brief was for all the products to be as natural as possible, vegan and cruelty free. We currently have one product in the range that isn’t vegan, the silk protein in the hair removal cream, but we are working on an alternative.

Q What are your long term plans for the business?
A To ensure all our products are vegan, to promote women’s sexual health and to take Woowoo to the world!

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