January 26, AKA Australia Day, with its traditional meaty BBQs and creamy desserts, can be a nightmare for the increasing number of Aussie Vegans. To help navigate this minefield, Australia’s leading health retailer Healthy Life, has compiled some tips to help vegans enjoy the controversial national holiday in their own way.

“With millions of vegans now calling Australia home, our national cuisine of meat pies, fish’n’chips, snags on the barbie, lamingtons and pavlovas, is set to evolve to suit our changing dietary preferences,” says Healthy Life Chief Marketing Officer Simon Cheng.

“From a vegan lamington to a meat-free patty and dairy-free cheese, there are ways for all Australians to enjoy Australia Day regardless of any allergies, intolerances, ethical choices or dietary requirements.”

Dairy-free cheese
Forget the traditional cheese platter and instead try Cashew Cream Cheese by Dairy Free Down Under, (perfect for spreading on crackers) or its Cheddar Style block as a dairy-free substitute.

For a vegan dip that’s also packed with probiotics, Kehoe’s Kitchen Pesto ‘Cream Cheese’ is made from locally-sourced organic fresh produce including fermented cashews. Add a bowl of Mexico City’s gluten-free, preservative-free, non-GMO chips (made from 100 per cent Australian corn) to complete your vegan platter.

Meat-free BBQ
We’ll say a resounding “hell no” to throwing another shrimp, snag, or steak on the barbie, and instead opt for a plant-based alternative. The Gluten Free Food Co has a selection of organic patty mixes including Mexican and Thai flavours, which can be transformed into a burger, taco or simply enjoyed with some salad. 

Sugar-free sauce
While, we’re talking meat-free BBQ’s, we’ll mention that most store-bought sauces are laden with sugar and artificial colours and flavours, so for a rich and tangy sauce, that’s healthy, organic and low-GI plus nut, soy, gluten and dairy-free, try Niulife’s Organic Coconut BBQ sauce.

It’s handmade in villages in the Solomon Islands from fermented coconut blossom nectar and barrel-aged to perfection with garlic and a pinch of sun-dried mineral-rich sea salt.

As a bonus “feel good” factor, Niulife is a proud Aussie company that gives 100 per cent of the profits from the sale of every product back to the communities that make them.

Better bread
High protein, low carb, gluten-free and on-trend, it’s possible to make nutritious, vegan-friendly bread at home for this year’s Australia Day picnic or barbecue.

Try Pure Life Bakery’s 6 Seed bread mix. With its 100 per cent Australian biodynamic and organic sprouted grains, seeds and legumes, it’s a good source of fibre and protein.

 For a quick and easy DIY loaf, try The Gluten Free Food Co’s Quick Bread Mix. Containing seed, vegetable and grain flours, every slice is packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre and healthy fats. 

Vegan lamington
While lamingtons may be considered an Aussie culinary icon, their sponge and cream fillings mean they’re in the No Go Zone for vegans. Enter, Fermentanicals, who have created a ‘living lamington’ made from blackberries, sprouted chia, coconut cream, cashews, cacao and coconut oil. Raw, vegan, gluten-free and gut-friendly, this lamington is a cruelty-free, healthier alternative to the traditional cake.

Full recipe available here.

Gut-friendly drink
Why not swap out beer or wine for a bottle kombucha this Australia Day? Your head and gut will thank you for it! Totally refreshing on a summer’s day, it can also help curb a hangover. Try Remedy, you’ll find their new beet and apple flavor stocked exclusively at Healthy Life. 

Natural sunscreen
Whether at the beach, a barbecue or enjoying “the great outdoors”, no-one wants to end the day with a nasty case of sunburn. Any time in the sun calls for sunscreen. Where possible, avoid those containing nasty chemicals. We have some great suggestions here.  


About Healthy Life

Healthy Life is Australia’s leading health and wellness retailer with nearly 50 stores nationally. Stores offer a range of natural, organic, and eco-friendly goods, coupled with qualified health practitioners to provide expert advice in natural health solutions.

Natural health products include organic and whole foods, superfoods, allergy-free foods, vegan-friendly products, herbal teas, supplements, sports nutrition, natural hair, skincare and chemical-free beauty products. To cater to the growing demand for vegan food and products, plant-based products account for around 15 per cent of Healthy Life’s range.

“Whether it’s increased awareness around the positive effect of plant foods on gut health, the impact of animal products on the environment, concerns about animal cruelty or just a personal preference, more and more Australians are turning to veganism,” CMO Simon comments, adding the company is listening to the consumer and responding accordingly.

“In line with this demand, we offer an extensive range of vegan-friendly products, which are also proudly Australian made, including plant-based protein and dairy-free cheese and ice cream, so no one has to miss out on their favourite foods, especially during national holidays.”

For more information, to shop online, or to find a store visit healthylife.com.au


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