We love to dress up our salads and give them extra zing, flavor, and incredible goodness to make the mouth water. No-oil salad dressings can really help give your salad the kick to bring out the amazing freshness and brimming living foods to life.

It helps to stock the kitchen with a few vital essential seasonings and herbs to always have something on hand to create a fresh dressing.

I always try to have fresh cilantro, dill, mint, and basil in the refrigerator. I am an absolute sucker for herbs! I would also recommend having apple cider vinegar, brown rice vinegar, and fresh lemons on hand to make quick and simple dressings.

At first it might seem like an extra few steps in the kitchen, but with time your taste buds will start to jump up and down with glee, not to mention your digestion. It is incredible to have freshly prepared dressings to compliment our nourishing living foods in salads.

Try it out! Next time you are at the store avoid the dressing aisle… You can avoid temptation, you can resist! I know it took me a few trips to leave out my favorite in the shopping cart. Now, I love preparing my own no-oil salad dressings with the intention of wholesome wellness to drizzle on my greenies.

No-Oil Salad Dressings

Directions: Use your favorite measuring cup or bowl and add the below ingredients. Whisk and drizzle over your favorite salad!

  • No-Oil Sesame Dressing
    1 tbs sesame seeds
    2 tbs tahini (sesame paste)
    2 tbs tamari sauce
    2 tbs brown rice vinegar
    1 tbs brown sugar
  • No-Oil Asian Orange Vinaigrette
    1 large Orange
    2 tsp brown rice vinegar
    1 clove chopped garlic
    1cm fresh ginger, minced
    1 tsp raw honey
    1 pinch sea salt
  • No-Oil Lemon Vinaigrette
    1 lemon, squeezed
    2 tsp Italian herbs
    1 tsp apple cider vinegar
    1 pinch sea salt
  • No-Oil Dijon Dressing
    1 tsp Dijon mustard
    2 tsp brown rice vinegar
    1 Garlic clove, chopped
    1 tsp brown sugar
  • Tahini Herb Dressing
    3 tbs tahini
    1/4 cup water
    1/2 cup fresh herbs, minced (dill, cilantro, basil)
    1 clove garlic, minced
    1/2 freshly squeezed lemon
    Pinch sea salt
  • Miso Dressing
    2 tbs brown rice miso paste
    1/2 cup water
    1 cm fresh ginger, minced
    1 tsp tamari
    1 tsp fresh lemon juice
    1 green onion, sliced

These recipes first appeared on The Paddison Program and have been republished with permission.

About the Author


In 2006 Clint Paddison was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and within two years could barely walk with pain crippling 80% of his body. After surgery and medications failed him, Clint went back to his science roots which in 2000 saw him gain 1st Class honours, The Macquarie Foundation Science Prize, Australian Institute of Physics prize (NSW Branch) and Semi-Finalist for Young Australian of the Year. With bulldog determination, persistence and scientific experimentation Clint turned his health around and now leads a life drug free and pain free. With the drugs behind him, he’s now a proud father of daughters Angelina and Arielle and loving husband to gorgeous Melissa.

After recovering from RA,  Clint has told his story on US television, given a TEDx talk, written for ‘Arthritis Matters’ magazine, featured in ‘Body, Mind and Soul’ magazine and appeared as a keynote speaker at most of the biggest natural health conferences in Australia.

Clint is author of the bestselling Program ‘The Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis’ which has sold in 60 countries and has dramatically improved the lives of thousands of people with inflammatory arthritic conditions.

Clint spends a lot of time coaching people to get well from autoimmune diseases inside his RA Support Forum.

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