Ever had a gut feeling about a person, place or situation…… So often we have a gut feeling about something, ignore it and regret it later. How is it possible to turn up the volume on our intuitive awareness?

We’ve all had a gut feeling to do something, go somewhere, say something and haven’t followed through. We all have those stories where we’ve followed our intuition and its worked out wonderfully…… and those times we’ve ignored it. There are some simple things you can do to every day to help cultivate this powerful inner knowing.

In modern times where ‘the pathology of busy’ has become so predominant, many of us have forgotten how to listen to or have simply chosen to ignore our wisdom. Historically our body has known how to respond to our baser instincts. However, in a culture constantly seeking gratification from external sources, possessions, money, beauty, friends, we have forgotten how to look within to satisfy our own inner desires choosing instead to look without and in turn to go without.

In my teaching on emotional resilience, the ability to hear ourselves is primary when learning how to be emotionally effective individuals, to become resilient and to find our own personal power. The ability to ‘speak your truth’ has become the perfectly amazing yet rather hazy adage for post-modern spiritual teachers and shrinks everywhere, myself included. However, so many of us struggle to find this inner knowing, let alone and stay connected with it forevermore. And with so many external pressures driving our behaviour that is perfectly understandable.

Think about it, in order to set boundaries, have relationships, decide where we want to live, who we want to love, what job makes our heart sing and communicate all of this effectively, we first have to learn how to hear ourselves, to hear our own hearts. So, it’s time to turn up the volume with these two simple techniques you can use every day.

1. Hear your primary physiological needs

In our busy modern lives, many of us have learned to deny our most foundational human impulses. In order to cultivate a stronger relationship with our intuition we first need to LISTEN what our bodies are telling us. Now I’m not talking about some woo woo spiritual dogma, hours of mediation, or 1000 yoga classes, this teaching is much simpler and more easily accessible that that. I’m talking about hearing our basic impulses. So often our bodies say, ‘I’m hungry/tired/thirsty’ and we choose to ignore these basic needs.

One of my favourite questions when I’m feeling emotionally fragile is to ask myself, have I had enough food/sleep /exercise. In those moments where my blood sugar plummets and I’m ready to angrily bite someone’s head off (usually right about 7pm), this simple 3-point check in with my body has diverted so much emotional turmoil it’s not even funny!

It’s as simple as hearing to your body when it says I’m tired and having a power nap rather than drowning it in the seventeenth cup of coffee. Hearing your body when it says I’m stressed and overwhelmed and seeking help or finding a practice, rather than reaching for the packet of cigarettes or bottle of wine. Or my personal favourite, listening to your body when it says I’m hungry and nourishing it then and there, rather than ignoring the impulse and then devouring cheese and biscuits as soon as you walk through your kitchen door later that night.

Listening to our bodies teaches us to hear and respond to the messages we are being sent rather than denying these primary physiological needs in order to obtain higher order more abstract ones. This cultivates intuition.

I mean how are you meant to hear the bigger messages you’re being sent if you continue to ignore the primary ones right.

2. Hear emotions without judgement

Once you’ve got hearing the primary physiological indicators down it’s now time to work on your emotional temperature gauge. This one is powerful! It’s about learning to navigate your emotional landscape without judging it. So many of the people I work with deny how they really feel. They judge their feelings as bad, good, strong, weak and undermine the power of hearing their emotions. The question therefore may be: ‘What is this emotion trying to tell me?’, ‘What is it that I need to hear?’.

Notice the pattern? Our emotions like our physiological needs rather than being drowned or shoved aside just require a bit of air time and focus!

I’ve met so many people who believe it is easier to judge their emotional experiences and diagnose themselves as depressed or anxious or traumatised when in fact these emotions have been there to warn them of danger within their experience. When acknowledged their emotions, rather than being nasty and scary, have served as a powerful catalyst for healing. Strong negative emotion does not indicate that there is something wrong you. It indicates your ability to feel and provides an opportunity for you to face your challenges. Emotions are never defective, they are in fact a powerful tool.

Our intuition is intricately tied to our emotional responsivity and if we want to be running like the well-oiled intuitive machines we are then listening to our emotions rather than judging them is another simple thing we can all do to be encourage and foster self-care and intuition.

These two techniques, that we can all apply each day;

1. Hear your primary physiological needs (food, sleep, exercise, intimacy)
2. Hear your emotions without judgement (no more good/bad emotions okay!)

while seemingly so simple will allow us to bypass addictive cravings, achieve greater wellbeing, allow us to express ourselves clearly and honestly……. But be warned these practices are not for the faint hearted. They take courage and a commitment to yourself, in the greatest possible way.

Lauran Ware

For more information on Lauren, visit: Lauran Ware

About the Author


Lauran is a mentor, psychotherapist, speaker and writer who delivers an eclectic approach to wellbeing and mental health facilitating programmes using tools from her studies in depth psychology, Jungian analysis, affective state theory, creative arts therapy, post-modern spirituality and musicology to assist in healing and allowing her clients to become the truest version of themselves.

Working with people with various psychological presentations including but not limited to: complex trauma, anxiety, depression, self-harm, drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, PTSD, perceptual disturbances and ADHD she draws from her extensive personal history as well as her experience as mentor artist, songwriter and musician.

Lauran is passionate about the issues facing women and young people, working with individuals and groups from 6 years of age through to adulthood allowing them to establish a sense of security and trust both within themselves, with their peers and the world around them. She uses this as a basis for healing, ultimately allowing her clients to move them towards psychological individuation.

Visit: lauranware.com

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