A luscious coat of mascara and a slick of tinted lip balm are sometimes all you need to walk out the door knowing ‘You’ve got this’. Here are our top 10 tips for fabulous (cruelty-free!) lashes.

1. Use a lash primer to maximise the volumising and lengthening potential of your mascara.

2. Apply a light dusting of fine loose translucent powder under your eyes, and across your brow bone to ensure that moisture and oils on your skin don’t cause smudging.

3. Apply a second coat of mascara before the first has completely dried, when lashes are still pliable and soft. (Applying more mascara after the first coat has dried can cause clumping and give an overdone, spidery look.)

4. A light layer of powder on your lashes, before mascara application, will help volumise your lashes, (similar to a fibre formula mascara), and will give the mascara a drier consistency.

5. Always use the tip of the mascara wand to find and coat tiny invisible lashes at your outer corner. This helps to elongate the eyes.

6. Use a waterproof top coat to seal the deal, and stop sweat and moisture from ruining your look.

7. Want to achieve lift and hold without the need for lash curlers? When mascara has almost fully dried, hold the length of your finger \ along your lashline to press and hold your lashes up and out.

8. Use a lash comb to remove any chunks of mascara that have dried in your lashes, and to separate lashes that have clumped together.

9. Remove any unwanted mascara marks, only after it has dried. Use a spoolie to brush dry blobs and smudges away, and to prevent disruption of the makeup beneath.

10. Sleep with plain castor oil or a lash and brow growth serum gently rubbed into lashes and brows to condition and promote healthy hair growth.