When The Vegan Company got word that MAGNUM was releasing a vegan version of its luxury ice-cream, a certain team member (naming no names, but a dedicated MAGNUM lover who gave them up when becoming vegan), went off in hot pursuit. It wasn’t easy, as these things have been selling out fast. She traipsed around nine supermarkets to no avail. Despondent didn’t even begin to describe her mood. Fast forward two weeks, and success! She got her hands on some and we haven’t heard about anything else ever since.

To answer your question (answered by above said MAGNUM lover), YES, they taste amazing! Even better than she remembered. And true to the hype, eating one (or more) does indeed deliver a moment of pure pleasure. Here’s the lowdown;

Certified by The Vegan Association, the 100% dairy free Magnum range comes in two of the brands signature flavours, Classic and Almond. Pea protein is used as an alternative to dairy, giving it a velvety texture, while the delicious dairy-free vegan chocolate coating was created in Belgium by expert chocolatiers.

Moving on from the taste, we were super excited to hear of Magnum’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. The ‘Bean to Bite’ initiative undertaken by the company ensures that they employ sustainable practices as part of their corporate responsibility program, in to reduce the brands environmental impact.

Today, over 98 per cent of all MAGNUM products use cocoa beans sourced from international non-profit organisation, The Rainforest Alliance Certified farms (the aim is to get to 100 per cent). What about plastic you ask? Well to reduce the amount of MAGNUM plastic packaging going into landfill, MAGNUM is a proud partner of REDcycle, an Australian recovery initiative for post-consumer soft plastic.

Like all things, voting with our wallets will ensure the range stays stocked. So, what are you waiting for … there’s never been a better time to enjoy ice cream!

MAGNUM Dairy Free will be available nationwide, available in convenience stores and supermarkets. RRP: $7.00 for a multipack of three and $4.00 for a single (only available in Almond).

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Prior to launching The Vegan Company, Melissa co-founded Meat Free Week, an award-winning, global campaign aimed at raising awareness of the impact excessive meat consumption and production has on animals, the environment and human health.

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Melissa believes there’s a huge shift occurring in the way the world views and treats animals and is excited to be a part of the global vegan movement driving this.

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