Ordinarily, the words vegan and science don’t sit next to each other in a sentence. Well, one Sydney-based skin therapist, the incredible Douglas Pereira of Douglas Pereira Clinical Skin Therapy in Sydney’s CBD is set to change the way you look at lab-created skin care.

His absolutely beautiful range of active, solution-driven cosmeceutical (science + cosmetic) skin care is 100 percent vegan-friendly and I can’t get enough of it.

The range, named after his sleek, stylish and uber-relaxing beauty room on the sixth floor of a corner building overlooking the lush expanse of Sydney’s Hyde Park, features 20 solution-driven products that are not only heavenly to use, they actually bring real results – without a scrap of cruelty to animals.

It is organic, not tested on animals and vegan friendly, with all ingredients and formulas plant-based and chirally-correct, which means that it is formulated to work as efficiently with your skin as possible.


Plant-Based Science
The formulas are based around a few potent and active plant-derived ingredients, including Retinaldehyde, Niacinamide 1 and 3, Beta Glucan and Ascorbic Acid, each of which, reveals Douglas, has a special lipid layer that allows it to penetrate the skin at an increased rate of 1000 percent. “This allows them to reach the deepest layers of the skin where they are needed most,” he states.

Before you freak – Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid are definitely not animal derived. While these ingredients are often sourced from animals due to their ready availability in this form, Douglas went the extra mile to ensure his formulas remain pure.

“As with all my chosen ingredients, both these ingredients are medically engineered. The Hyaluronic Acid is produced utilising biotechnology to develop biomimetic (skin identical) ingredients, and the Niacinamide is synthetically derived from non-animal sources.”

Gentle on Animals AND Your Skin
It gets better … while many cosmeceutical skin care collections rely on exfoliating acids and chemicals to increase cellular turnover, Douglas was adamant about being gentle to the skin and encouraging it to behave naturally.

“My formulas work to induce natural exfoliation of the skin,” Douglas reveals. “This involves stimulating and feeding the skin from the deepest layers up, restoring youthful exfoliation rates and increasing cell turnover naturally without damage.”

While a massive animal lover himself, that’s not the only reason Douglas formulated his range to be vegan-friendly – and the other reason just makes perfect sense.

“When I was developing the range, my main focus was to create a cosmeceutical line of products that uses powerful active ingredients to correct and better the skin’s health without using animal soured or synthetic ingredients.

“My belief is that the skin and its function does not respond well to animal-derived ingredients. In fact, I believe that using animal-derived ingredients actually challenges the health of our skin. Imbalances in the epidermis and dermis are far better corrected with plant-based ingredients and formulas.”

For All Skin Types and Ages
The collection itself aims to address any and all skin imbalances for people of all skin types and ages, with customised cleansers, serums and treatment products. It also includes a range of mineral make-up that treats skin as it creates a flawless looking face.

“With 20 products, I can customise a skin care regime for people of all skin types and concerns” says Douglas. “We can address teen acne, congested skin, adult acne, cystic acne, pigmentation and uneven skin tone, imbalanced or combination skin and dry and oily complexions.”

Tried, Tested and Loved
When Douglas first gave me a selection of products to trial, my skin was stressed, dry and a little red and flat after a lovely long winter of outdoor activity (bike riding, skiing, dog walking and so on). While I adore winter and being outside in the cold, my skin doesn’t revel in it quite so much, so using this skin care was a welcome relief.

Douglas started me on Cleanse + Calm, $65, which helped address the redness and sensitivity of my skin as it delivered mega-antioxidants (derived from Kumquat). It foams up lightly to cleanse your complexion as well as remove make-up, without stripping it or leaving it feeling dry. It also smells beautiful, thanks to some beautifully selected essential oils.

Following my twice daily cleanse, I was to apply Correct + Niacinamide, $150. Again, it smelt heavenly but most importantly, it actually worked to hydrate my skin, provide a mild exfoliation and strengthen it to combat further redness.

I applied Moist + Lipid, $150 over this to hydrate, calm and protect and finished the regime with an eye cream – Advanced Eye Repair Serum, $150, which proved to not only soothe the stressed skin around my eyes, but also soften the fine lines and crepiness.

Whenever I left the house and would face UV exposure or plain old pollution and other environmental aggressors, I upped the protection ante with an application if Mineral Moist Tint, $150, which is a sheer moisturiser that contains mineral pigment and non-chemical natural vegan sunscreen to provide a flawless finish and protection against the environment.

Within a week or two of use, I really noticed a difference. My skin was far less stressed, the redness had diminished, and it did feel a lot softer and smoother, with improved radiance. What I really love aside from that, was that it was so easy to use and unlike many cosmeceutical skin care ranges, it didn’t smell or feel chemical-like. Instead, the range is scented using natural plant-based essential oils and feels really luxurious to use.

Douglas Pereira Clinical Skin therapy is available to buy at wwwclinicalskintherapy.com

You can also order it over the phone with Douglas himself (see below) or via email, however if you do happen to be in Sydney, I highly recommend you stop by his beauty room for one of his healing and relaxing treatments. He truly has the best hands in the business. Be sure to book in advance though – he is in high demand and appointments can be booked up months in advance.

Douglas Pereira Clinical Skin Therapy

Level 6, Suite 4, 60 Park Street (corner of Elizabeth St), Sydney  NSW  2000

Call: 0407 443 350  Email: douglas@beautyic.com.au


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