according to beauty and lifestyle writer, Shonagh Walker

I’ve been a beauty and lifestyle writer for longer than I care to admit. So long in fact, that you’d think I’d be bored of seeing all the new products that are launched literally on a daily basis. Sometimes I am … but never, ever, ever do I tire of a scented candle. I think they are just about my favourite thing in the entire world, after my dogs and being in the snow, of course.

You know what is even better than a scented candle? A vegan one. One that has been created to bring light into your life, without extinguishing the light in that of another living creatures’.

I hope you enjoy this collection of my all-time favourites that I’ve rounded up for you. I simply can’t get enough of them, and my bet is you won’t be able to either.

  1.    Mrs. Darcy Lifestyle Crystal Collection Rose Quartz, Peonies and Fresh Roses Scented Candle, $39.95

Luxurious, yet totally affordable, I truly believe I have never in my life smelt a more exquisite scent, nor seen a candle so perfectly packaged. It magically combines a few (more) of my fave things, such as rose quartz (for the love vibe), peonies and fresh roses (that scent of spring – oh how divine!) and a stunning crystal case, which once the candle has burned down doubles as a trinket holder.


  1.    Mary Grace Oud Jasmine Jar Candle, $24.95

Created with kindness and compassion, this stunning scented candle takes me back to that time I was holed up in front of an open fire in a cosy mountain cabin on top of Vail Mountain in Colorado, as it was blizzarding outside. It has that woody, powdery, musky scent of a winter snowstorm, juxtaposed with the summer sweetness of jasmine … and it’s just perfect.


  1.    Damselfly So-Called Vegan Extra Large Candle, $49.95

They’re a cheeky mob over at Damselfly and that’s why I love ‘em! My all-time fave scented candle from them, Wears Black, Loves Dogs, Avoids People, could practically be my life motto.  Unfortunately, it’s currently sold out. While they’re restocking, this So-Called Vegan candle should give you a bit of a laugh. It will also fill your home with the most divine scent of cedarwood, hyacinth, burnt fig and cassis … like walking into an enchanted forest.


  1.    Velvety Soy Candle Almond Milk, $24

The powdery comforting scent of this candle gives me the same exhilarated-but-relaxed feeling I get after I’ve been caught running in the rain on a cold, windy day, had a hot shower and jumped into my favourite comfy pyjamas for a Netflix binge. It’s seriously THAT nurturing. You’d be mad not to get yourself one.


  1.    Natio Scented Candle Coconut, Frangipani and Lemongrass, $26.95

This smells like Sydney in the Summer. To be more specific, it smells like a mixture of the sun on your skin, the ozonic air and the cocktail you’re sipping at your fave ocean-side bar after a day at Bondi Beach.


  1.    Glasshouse Manhattan Little Black Dress, $42.95

If someone had told me that this incredible collection of candles wasn’t vegan-friendly, I may have died a thousand deaths. It is seriously one of the best and most innovative range of scented illuminators I’ve ever come across. It is almost impossible picking a favourite, but we all know how hard it is to beat a bit of New York City. This confident and bold scent perfectly sums up the hectic, heady heartbeat of the Big Apple.


Main image courtesy of Mrs Darcy.

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