Type ‘vegan tour’ into Google and you’re rewarded with options to experience the vegan cuisine of countless cities across the globe. Add the word ‘fashion’ into the mix and… not so productive. But there is light at the end of the stylish tunnel.

What do you mean?

In London, named last year as the world’s most vegan friendly city, you can book yourself on to a Vegan Fashion Tour of the West End. It takes in ethical beauty and skin care shopping in Covent Garden and independent vegan boutiques of Carnaby Street ,as well as the first vegan ice cream shop and great vintage boutiques of Soho.

Passing through Berlin? The city that claims to be the capital of sustainable fashion design and retail has set the bar high with a whole range of guided urban excursions exploring the most eco friendly fashion and upcycling spots in town. With Green Fashion Tours you can join one of the existing tours of the city’s colourful neighbourhoods, or go bespoke with your own specific (vegan!) interests.

Across the pond in New York, the vegan fashion scene is currently receiving more publicity than anywhere else, after vegan leather was the undisputed hit of New York Fashion Week earlier this year. No one seems to be taking advantage of this in the tour biz just yet but our friends at Culture Trip have put together this handy DIY guide to the best vegan stores including Stella McCartney, MooShoes and media darling Vaute Couture. All you need is a sturdy pair of shoes and a map.

Closer to home, Melbourne Vegan Tours is keen to let people know about more than just food when it comes to the tour of Fitzroy. On the itinerary is Vegan Style in Brunswick Street, born from a passion to show that you don’t need to harm animals for fashion you love. All products in the range of footwear, accessories and cosmetics are 100% vegan, high quality and environmentally responsible. Then it’s off to Beekeeper Parade (don’t let the name fool you, it’s very vegan-friendly), run by Koky, a Cambodian refugee who was born in a POW camp. He and his late sister set up their ethical and sustainable fashion business in order to raise money to educate children in rural Cambodia. Warning: his story is a tear jerker. There’s also a stop at The Australian Natural Soap Company in the CBD.

Melbourne Vegan Tours has a Sydney branch called, perhaps unsurprisingly, Sydney Vegan Tours. On the Newtown tour you will stop at Perfect Potions (body and skincare) and Dr Earth (body, beauty and home care). Plans are afoot to add more fashion and beauty into the mix so stay tuned for more news on that one.

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Sara’s background as a journalist and editor includes lengthy stints on titles such as inside out, donna hay magazine and the Sunday Telegraph (no judgement!). She has freelanced for a plethora of brands including Body + Soul, Marie Claire, GQ and Qantas Insider. She has also worked client side in property, retail, fashion, beauty and food.

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