…Thanks to the Australian celebrity hairdresser who has his own vegan, PETA approved hair care and styling range!

If summer has you suffering some serious tress stress, you’re not alone. We are enduring this major First World Problem too. But we’ve got your back. Well, actually, mega-celeb hairdresser, Kevin Murphy, who has his own amazing range of vegan, PETA-approved hair products, has.

We asked him to help out with our horrible heatwave summer hair, and he delivered. Prepare for your hair to be this summer’s mane event!

“Thick, coarse hair gets frizzy easily and there are many reasons for this,” reveals Kevin. “However, the main one is a lack of moisture in the strand, which can make it more susceptible to humidity.”

What to do?

“Start in the shower,” advises Kevin. “Prep with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner that won’t weigh the hair down but will give it the right amount of hydration. Try SMOOTH.AGAIN Wash, $38.95, and Rinse, $49.95.”

Next up, reach for a leave-in hydrating product.

“Rather than trying to tame hair by weighing it down with styling products, apply a leave-in treatment instead. This will allow your hair to absorb the proteins and key ingredients for at least 24 hours. I recommend SMOOTH.AGAIN Leave-In Treatment, $49.95.”

“It’s part smoothing cream, part moisture treatment that works to restore, protect and keep hair nourished, conditioned and smooth until you wash it next,” explains Kevin. “The best thing is it doesn’t weigh hair down, so you can style as desired but trust your hair is well nourished.”

HOT TIP: “Remember that hair can only absorb so much product,” warns Kevin. “Your hair is going to be silky smooth and amazing with just a 20-cent piece sized amount of treatment.”

Also, don’t forget to brush your hair – from the scalp to the ends. “This will help move the oil down the hair shaft, helping to keep it hydrated and healthy. Regular brushing also helps with delivering oxygen to the scalp, as the massaging action stimulates blood flow.”

When blow-drying, finish with a shot of cold air. “This will help seal the hair cuticle, setting it in place so it stays smoother for longer,” reveals Kevin.

If hair happens to frizz up through the day, Kevin suggests brushing it and applying some of his SHIMMER.SHINE, $42.95. “Smooth a small amount evenly through the hair and then run your flat iron over for perfectly straight, sleek hair”

You wouldn’t think it, but this is a common problem for all hair types in summer.

“Sweat, exercise and humidity can cause moisture and oil to gather and build-up at the root, while the areas that need moisture most, around the face and the ends, miss out.”

Solution? Check your hairstyle.

“Tight hairstyles can trap heat. When you’re exercising choosing a looser hairstyle or braid, which might help prevent sweating and save your style. You can also use dry shampoo pre-emptively. Spraying a little KEVIN.MURPHY FRESH.HAIR, $38.95, on your roots before working out or before you go to bed. It will help create a barrier between your hair and the sweat.”

Another tip is to brush your hair, as it will help move the oil down the hair shaft and provide much-needed moisture the lengths of the hair. It’s important to exfoliate any old product and dead skin cells from the scalp, too, advises Kevin, to ensure the oil doesn’t become trapped.

“Exfoliate your hair and scalp with a detoxifying shampoo like MAXI.WASH, this will remove dead colour cells and dry skin from your scalp.

“You know how in your skin care regime, you often need less hydration around your T-zone and more around your cheeks and neck? Hair works the same way. You need less hydration on the scalp and more nourishment through the ends or on dryer sections around the front.

“Target trouble zones like dry ends or strands around your face with a leave-in moisturiser and only add volumising products to your roots, which is where you want it.”

“Unfortunately, many of the things we love doing in summer – from being outdoors in the sun to swimming at the beach and pool – aren’t the best for our hair,” says Kevin. “Then, between sweating and swimming, we tend to wash our hair more in summer, so it’s important to ensure you’re using the right products.

“HYDRATE.ME.WASH, $38.95, and RINSE, $39.95, are the best all-purpose hydrating care system for your hair and scalp. You must always be replacing lost moisture and protein.

“I also like to recommend implementing a hydrating routine at least once a week – a great product for this is HYDRATE.MASQUE, $49.95, as it is full of amino acids and antioxidants that help nourish and replenish lost moisture.

Using RE.STORE, $54.95, is a great if your hair is quite dry, doesn’t absorb moisture easily or you have very coarse or curly hair. Use it instead of shampoo and conditioner every third or fourth wash to ensure your hair maintains a healthy level of moisture and hydration.”

“The culprits could be many and varied,” says Kevin. “It could be anything from eczema to dandruff, poor product choice and styling habits, allergies or psoriasis.”

Give your scalp the care it deserves, stresses Kevin.

“A lot of people think that it is only your actual hair you have to care for, and they forget about the scalp. If you have an unhealthy scalp, it is more likely your hair will lack volume and lustre. It’s similar to make up – your foundation always looks fresher and stays on better when your skin is well hydrated and in good condition.

“Stimulate your scalp often by brushing, which gets the blood to the surface. It invigorates your scalp and awakens the follicle, so hair grows stronger and healthier.

“Also, eat a healthy diet – your hair, skin and nails will all benefit from lots of leafy greens and plenty of water! Incorporate a hydrating treatment to your regime every third or fourth wash to replace lost nourishment and massage it well into the scalp.

“Finally, a great way to feed your scalp the nutrients it needs is by using masques and treatments that get absorbed through skin like my ANGEL or HYDRATE.ME Masques, $49.95 each, which are full of amino acids and proteins.”

About Kevin Murphy
Based in Melbourne Australia, but a worldwide traveller, Kevin Murphy was one of the first Australian celebrity hairdressers to become a household name. He has tamed the tresses of mega celebs like Kylie Minogue and regularly works as a session stylist for top glossy mags around the globe. Also, he’s a really nice guy who you can’t help but like.

His range of hair care and styling products is 100 percent vegan, PETA approved and soon will be totally and completely packaged in recycled ocean waste plastic in order to create a circular supply chain. KEVIN.MURPHY is the first ever beauty brand to do this and through this initiative, they project to save over 360 tons of new plastic annually. The recycled bottles will debut in mid-2019. Watch this space friends and to find a salon near you that stocks this lush range, visit: kevinmurphy.com.au

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