There are lots of things that are frustrating about long haul travel (some mitigated by that cheeky glass of champagne at the airport) but one thing that’s a perennial chore is packing lots of tiny bottles into your tiny toiletry bag for the flight, and hoping you have the correct sizes for this particular trip.

And if you’re looking for vegan friendly products, you can add another box on the to do list. Well, we like to solve a problem – no matter how trivial – and so we’re sharing our discovery of Long Haul Spa.

There are plenty of travel size kits out there marketed with travel in mind. However, most of them aren’t specifically designed to be used without running water, towels and other accessories you might require.

The Long Haul Spa skincare range comes in a stylish Louenhide toiletry bag giving it a luxurious, first class feel. Each travel size kit contain eight x 15 ml vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free products that will be sure to keep your skin hydrated and glowing, even under the challenging conditions of an airplane cabin. The range includes: cleansing water, super saturating face mist, serum sorbet, eye balm, lip balm, rejuvenating and protecting face oil, super hydrating gel face mask, moisturising crème balm, as well as sanitising wipes and dehydrated towels. Everything about the collection has been created to TFSA standards, right down to the 1 litre clear plastic bag, included just in case.

Long Haul Spa products are made from locally and internationally sourced botanicals. And, if you need another reason to trial this fabulous vegan product, Long Haul Spa offsets their carbon footprint by planting a tree for every kit sold, through One Tree Planted.

The formulation has been extensively trialled (on women!) around the globe. We’re have now done our own long-haul test and we’re giving it a big thumbs up.

Long Haul Spa retails for $129 AUD/$99 USD. Men’s kit also available.

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