Sprouting: You’ll need to start this bit a few days before... We make our sprouts using a 100% hemp sprouting bag. The bag is Australian made and forever reusable and, (insert shameless plug), you can buy a dirt(y) one from us! Failing that use some muslin cloth.

Serves Decent bowlful

Prep Time 5 days

Cooks In Nil

Difficulty easy

  • • ½ cup dirt(y) kabuli chickpeas (to yield 1½ cups when sprouted) *
  • • 30 ml lemon juice
  • • 50 ml un-hulled tahini
  • • 1 clove Australian garlic
  • • 1 clove Australian garlic
  • • 125 ml extra virgin olive oil (plus extra for drizzling)
  • • 2 teaspoons salt flakes
  • • ½ teaspoon cracked black pepper
  • • ½ teaspoon paprika
  • • *dirt(y) kabuli chickpeas, grown in Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

Place about half a cup of chickpeas in a bowl with a few of cups of cold water and leave for a day.

The following day, drain the soak water and rinse the chickpeas in cold running water, until the water runs clear. Pop the chickpeas into a dampened sprouting bag and hang in airy spot in your kitchen, away from direct sunlight.

Once a day for the next 3 – 4 days, gently massage the sprouting bag to “unclump” the chickpeas sprouts (especially in the corners where they can get all bunched up and “unsprouty”). Then submerge the bag in a bowl of room temperature water and leave for about half an hour. Swirl the bag around a bit. The water may go a little manky, but that’s okay, just rinse the bag (chickpeas inside) under cold water while massaging the sprouts till the water runs clear. Drain the bag and rehang. Repeat process daily.

In 3 –5 days you’ll have sprouts! Transfer to a container or throw the entire bag into the fridge, where your sprouts will last for up to a week.

Reality-check…you will need to clean the sprouting bag to kill off any nasties before starting each new batch. But it’s nothing more than boiling in water for a minute or two inside out then hang outside to get all sunny and well aired.

Throw the sprouted chickpeas and garlic in a food processor and blitz away! Then chuck in all of the other ingredients (except paprika) and have another little blitz.

Drizzle with a little olive oil and sprinkle with paprika before serving.

*dirt(y) hemp sprouting bags available here.

Recipe by Simon Bryant, dirt(y)


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Credit Image: Jacqui Way Photography.



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With a career spanning more than 20 years Simon Bryant is more than a chef. After completing a 10 year tenure as  exec chef at the Hilton Adelaide Simons day job is now as creative director for the longest running national food festival in Australia; Tasting Australia.

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