I made these on whim recently after buying some Funky Fields Plant-Based Mince from Woolworths. It really is so versatile and makes a huge range of dishes, from my vegan ‘Meaty’ Meat Free lasagne, to a vegan cheeseburger. I’m yet to be disappointed by this product – no matter what I’ve cooked, but I reckon this is hands down the best dish I’ve made from it yet. Typically, for sausage rolls and beef patties or meatballs, you need to use egg to bind the mixture together and prevent it flaking all over the place. I replaced the egg with Chia seeds soaked in equal amounts of stock and then added a sachet of tomato paste, which added to the flavour. The extra bonus here is the fibre-and nutrients-boost you get from the Chia. Depending on the size you make your rolls, these can be served as a meal with salad, or if you make them smaller as I did, you’ve got party-sized options. Serve them up with some organic tomato sauce and you’ve got a finger food winner on (and in) your hands!

Serves Up to 24 party sized servings

Prep Time 40 mins preparation and 20 minutes cooking

Cooks In 1H 15M

Difficulty easy