Did you know that the world over, female vegans outnumber their male counterparts by about two to one?

Some surveys have it showing even more of a divide in some countries (hello USA), at up to four to one. Despite – or perhaps because of – its low base, the sustainable men’s fashion industry is growing fast and vegan menswear is becoming more accessible and affordable with every month that goes by. Whether a seasoned ethical shopper or a newcomer to sustainable threads, these Aussie labels are sure to inspire every man’s inner slow styler.

Theo the Label

Theo the Label offers vegan and sweatshop-free staples at affordable prices. You can meet the makers on the website, and see pictures of them at work. Classic crew neck sweaters, shirts and pants appeal to those wanting to purchase ethically without compromising on style. Sometimes they produce as few as five pieces per style (not five in each size or colour, a grand total of five) so you’re unlikely to face any of those uncomfortable ‘who wore it better?’ moments.



Shop the lot from hoodies and Ts to sneakers, thongs and undies. This Vic-based brand’s catch line is ‘Wear no evil’ and the clothing walks the talk with a collection that’s certified organic cotton, fair trade and vegan. Etiko manufactures in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan and aims to lift people out of poverty by paying fair wages, using ethically sourced materials, and by doing business with factories that uphold local labour rights. For the shopper, it makes the journey into ethical fashion as seamless as possible.


Monsoon Blooms

This PETA-approved vegan brand has comfort at it core. The Fairtrade organic cotton clothing is plant-dyed with Ayurvedic herbs in southern India, where the ‘factory’ is the brand’s pride and joy. Set among the Kerala forests, a few wooden houses are where the dyeing and weaving takes place on a traditional handloom. The local manufacturers (and their forefathers) have been in business for more than 10,000 years. Check out the Ts, shorts, undies and robes designed for lounging.


Hemp Temple

The fundamental goal of the Hemp Temple is ‘to be of service to our earth, our people, our neighbouring species and ourselves’. Born in Byron Bay (where else!), this earthy style house moves hemp fashion on from marijuana-leaf T-shirts and into a world of raw shirts, shorts and Ts that integrate nicely into your casual wardrobe. Pieces are popular and reassuringly there isn’t an endless supply, so he who hesitates may well miss out.



Pull on some Bhumi sweat pants and you’ll know the door is shut on the working day. Fairtrade, organic and 100 per cent vegan, this collection of casual wear also includes hip-hop shorts, yoga wear, long johns, superbly comfy undies and beanies. ‘Bhumi’ translates from Hindi to ‘ground’ or ‘Mother Earth’ and is on a mission to change the conventional cotton game with its organic, pure, luxuriously soft, chemical-free products. Check out the bedding, too.


Main image: Hemp Temple/Instagram

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