News just in … skin care giant Dermalogica is embracing 2019 as The Year of The Vegan with a new focus on sustainability, environmentally-friendly products, plus a dedicated vegan category on the site. While they don’t have any official statements as to when this transition will be complete, we couldn’t be more thrilled if we’d won the lottery.

Currently, much the range is already vegan, but at this stage there are still a few small ingredient tweaks to be made before the entire range is vegan friendly. For example, the Soothing Eye Makeup Remover uses silk amino acids. There are less than 10 products in the range currently that have animal derivatives, such as silk amino acids, however sustainability/environment is a big focus for all Dermalogica innovations moving forward, hence the vegan friendly section on its website will continue to grow.

Australian Communications and Media Manager Carly Rogers tells us:

“At Dermalogica we are conscious of our impact on the earth and are on a continuous path to minimise our environmental footprint. Additionally, we are dedicated to listening to what our customers and clients are looking for in their skincare.

“Not only are a large majority of our products vegan friendly, we have taken efforts to phase out parabens due to consumer demand and are continually exploring ways to reduce packaging waste. For example, I’m thrilled to share that our best-selling BioLumin-C Serum will shortly begin shipping in a bottle using 60% less glass, making it much more sustainable without reducing the 30mL volume.”

While the brand can’t give us a definite date as to when it will be 100 percent vegan, we’re assured we won’t have too long to wait.

In the meantime, here’s an up-to-date vegan friendly products Dermalogica products you will love, so you can get that good stuff on your skin. You heard it here first, folks!