Travelling as a vegan shouldn’t be difficult. There’s an array of nations that are actually super vegan-friendly. For many it’s ingrained in their culture. For others, it’s something that is not only catching on, but spreading fast. Here are our top five picks for a Vegan-friendly vacay.


More than 500 million people (nearly half the population!) of India are being vegetarian or vegan, so it’s little wonder that it’s a bustling hotspot for vegan travelers. Get your fill of spicy rice dishes and mouthwatering curries, or snack away on dosas as you make your way through Taj tours, yoga retreats, or cycling through Kerala. Bonus for the gluten intolerant or celiac traveller: India’s cuisine is naturally gluten free and packed with lentils, chickpeas and rice.

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There are myriad vegan options in Thailand for any budget or style of traveller. Choose from authentic street vendor food that’s cheap, fresh and super tasty (and often spicy – so watch the chilli if you’re sensitive to it), to world-class Five Star restaurants.

A little tip before you travel – get to know the local lingo. The Thai word for vegan is ‘jay’ and ‘mangarawirat’ for vegetarian. Thai dishes like phad Thai phak (fried noodles with vegetables) will keep you going between temple-hopping and lazy days at the beach. Just be sure to ask for no egg (it’s seems to be a staple in a lot of Thai noodle dishes)!

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A fave of Aussie travellers, Bali is also the home to some of the best vegan food you’ll find in Asia. The entire island has a very strong plant-based diet, so you’ll have little trouble finding yourself an abundance of scrambled tofu, hummus, smoothie bowls and tempeh. We’re even seeing a trend of local chef-created, mouth-watering cashew cheese!

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Pura Vida (the pure life) is the ethos in Costa Rica and the locals follows this like a religion. Costa Ricans are renown for their healthy, natural lifestyle and eternal optimism. Little wonder then, that Costa Rica is a haven for vegans. Traditional dishes consist of rice, plantains, beans, fruit and veggies, all brimming with local flavour. Costa Rica is also a mecca for gut health gurus from around the world and you’ll come across of restaurants specialising in a vast mix of cuisines, all vegan friendly.

Enjoy your days surfing on iconic beaches, soaking in thermal baths or trekking through the Costa Rican rainforest. Then hit the local markets and restaurants worry-free.

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What’s that? USA a vegan destination? Isn’t it all burgers and pepperoni pizza? Well, yes… and no! Increasingly the USA is becoming one of the most vegan-friendly places on the planet, in particular, the state of California.

From Vegan cheese shop, Vromage on Sunset Boulevard ( to Plant Food + Wine L.A. in Venice Beach (, California is the ‘plantidote’ (see what I did there?) to the meat culture of America. This extends to all regions, including and especially San Diego (check out Evolution Fast Food for cheap, quick vegan offerings) and Santa Barbara (make a beeline for the Honey B).

And it’s not just restaurant dining. Pretty much every grocery store from Trader Joe’s to Wholefoods has more vegan options than you could ever imagine!

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