Vegan meat, otherwise known as fake meat, is gaining popularity all over the world. Brands such as Beyond Meat, Quorn, Gardein, the Fry Family and Linda McCartney have all seen a surge in sales here in Australia over the past couple of years, but not necessarily to the people you think.

Fake meats are no longer limited to the tried and tested bean burgers and vegie mince. It’s now possible to buy all types of products from sausages and pies to steaks and schnitzels. And this means that not only vegans and vegetarians are consuming them. In fact one survey found that almost 90% people eating fake meat products are neither.

Fake meat provides an amazing opportunity for non-vegans and non-vegetarians to get a taste of the diet, without having to dedicate themselves fully, and it’s not too much a stretch to assume that the increasing popularity of plant-based dishes could persuade more people down the vegan path.

The next uncharted territory for the large plant-based ‘meat’ companies is China – a country that is rarely heard mentioned in the same sentence as the word vegan. China is one of the world’s biggest sinners when it comes to animal cruelty, as animal welfare is simply not considered an issue. This poses a challenge to those hoping to expand into the market, but seeing as China single-handedly accounts for around 27% of the world’s meat consumption, it’s very apparent why this market is so attractive.

One thing in the fake meat companies’ favour though, is price. Vegan products can be produced much more cheaply than real meat products, and in that lies the possibility that plant-based meat producers could soon be coming to supermarket shelves in China. And if it furthers the cause, we’re right behind them.

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