With more and more people starting to transition into a vegan lifestyle, it can be easily said that veganism has become a trend; a fad if you will. But living a vegan lifestyle is much more than a social media trend where you take photos at cute cafes and post them on Instagram. It’s just that; a lifestyle.

Going vegan can be difficult if you’ve never thought about the benefits before, or if you haven’t taken the step to becoming vegetarian first. But living a vegan lifestyle isn’t as hard as people make it out to be! It’s actually quite easy.

If YOU are looking to transition into a completely vegan lifestyle but aren’t sure how, keep reading! Here are six tips to help make transitioning into a vegan lifestyle easier.

1. Go easy on yourself

The vegan gods aren’t going to haunt you in your sleep if you slip in a glass of milk before bed or a slice of cheese as a snack. Starting any new habit is difficult and takes time. Be sure to give yourself space to grow into it and do the best you can while slowly easing into it.

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Most importantly, don’t feel like you are living a vegan lifestyle because it’s what others around you expect. Go at your own pace; every small step makes a difference. Reduce your meat intake to once a week or cut out red meat and only eat chicken. There are many routes to take on the journey into veganism.

2. Find like minded people – they will help

Find people in your community who are vegan or vegetarian and pick their brains! There are hundreds of vegan Facebook pages you can follow and groups to join. Some of our favourites are LIVEKINDLY and Happy Cow Vegan Guide. Moreover, you can go and visit your local organic store or if you live in Sydney, visit the Sydney Vegan Market!

The Sydney Vegan Market is held on the third Sunday of every month, and is your ultimate destination for all things plant based, cruelty-free & vegan. It will be a great day out and an opportunity to find inspiration and gain an abundance of knowledge. Check out what The Vegan Company saw when we got to visit!

Here’s another tip: within either of the aforementioned communities, make a vegan friend! Invite each other over for dinner parties, make new food and talk about all things vegan. Go out to vegan-friendly stores such as The Cruelty Free Shop and grab a coffee nearby. Or, head on a Sydney Vegan Tour to find your next favourite lunch spot.

3. New recipes aren’t so scary

Whether you live alone, with a partner, roommates or have a family and kids, new food being introduced into your lifestyles can be a little tricky. Especially with kids because some can be fussy eaters! Well, we have good news. New recipes aren’t so scary, and most meals can be made with ingredients you already have at home.

The Vegan Company’s Recipe Collections is a great resource for finding new plant-based eats to make at home. You’ll soon see how easy it is to keep up with being vegan!

4. Do your research

There’s no point of going vegan if you don’t know why you’re doing so. To make the transition less daunting, do some research! This can be as easy as sitting down for a family movie night to searching deep into the web (just be sure you’re checking verified sites!).

Documentaries such as The Game Changers (one of our favourites!) or Vegucated are fantastic informative films whether you’re vegan or not. They are extremely educational and inform viewers of interesting information, including how a vegan lifestyle can be anatomically healthier for you.

Doing research will also help you understand the reason you want to be vegan. Is it for the sake of your own body, for agricultural purposes, due to animal cruelty, or a mixture of a few purposes. The only way to healthily transition into veganism is to have a strong mindset and know why you wish to do so.

5. Be nutritionally aware

Going from a carnivorous diet to that of a herbivore, you need to ensure you are keeping up the nutritional intake needed for your body. Basically, when you go vegan, don’t just eat vegetables and pasta.

Here’s a quick nutritional flash-course for those who aren’t aware:

Our diets are made up of three categories: carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Carbohydrates come from bread, pasta and grains, fats from things like avocado, nuts or anything oily, and protein comes from soy, lentils and beans. So, if you wish to replace the protein from chicken, do so with tofu. The same goes for mince beef with Textured Vegetable Protein, and lentils are great to replace a range of animal products.

A great tip for keeping up your nutritional intake is to add the aforementioned produce into your diets, eat lots of hearty vegetables like spinach and mushroom, and stock up on the legumes.

6. Remember: Being vegan is a lifestyle

The biggest mistake people trying to become vegan make is that they’re doing so because it’s “cool”. Our advice? If you don’t want to live a full vegan lifestyle, don’t go vegan! No one is forcing you to.

Veganism is a blessing; there are countless benefits to a vegan lifestyle. These include weightloss, better digestion, reduction of greenhouse gases, less water wasted, and so much more. If you just want to lose weight, see a nutritionist and do some exercise; reconsider becoming vegan if it’s going to be a chore.

Veganism is about more than food; it’s about treating the world around you with kindness, avoiding animal products in your life and understanding why you’re doing so, and most importantly, looking after yourself.

Go out and explore the world in the vegan way. You’ve got this!

Written by Talya Jacobson. Images credited.

About the Author


Talya is a journalist and a professional photographer from Sydney, Australia. She works as a freelance writer and photographer, with a strong belief in vegan lifestyle and a love for food, music and lifestyle.

She is a lover of all animals, dreams of getting a little Border Collie pup one day soon, and is very excited to be a part of the growing global vegan movement.

You can find Talya over at www.shotbytalz.com or on Instagram @shotbytalz / @talzisme.

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