Nat-2’s coffee bean sneakers are back!

If you missed out on grabbing a pair of Nat-2’s vegan sneakers made from coffee beans, then be sure to get in quick (stocks are limited) and get your hands on these.

100% vegan, the unisex Hayfield green sneaker have uppers made from real sustainable recycled hay, grass and flowers (making up 50% of the shoes surface depending on the style) and have a soft-padded, anti-bacterial real cork insole.

They have sustainability cred with their use of recycled PET bottles (on the parts that look like suede or nappa) and are PETA approved (also using glue that’s free from animal ingredients).

The patented material was developed in Germany and Australia, while the sneakers are fairly and handmade in Italy. Described as unique, not only can you see the material’s natural texture, but you can smell it too. The hayfield is pressed and applied to a layerbase, creating a natural alpine mountain scent. We’d expect nothing less from this innovative German company!

Shop: Hayfield Green Sneaker AUD$550.

Images: Nat-2

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