Here at The Vegan Company, we’re all about making it easier for people to be conscious consumers. So, when we heard about RawAssembly, whose goal is to help designers source their raw materials responsibly, we had to take a look.

Thea Speechley and partner Ben George have taken a leap of faith. They have parlayed 20 years of experience in Hong Kong, bridging the gap for clients sourcing raw materials from the East, into a serious and passionate mission: to put sustainability front and centre in the fashion industry. The result: RawAssembly.

Founder and CEO of RawAssembly, Thea, puts it this way “I wanted to create a different type of sourcing experience. One that not only provides access to sustainable textiles and producers, but one that is inspiring and energising, without being overpowering. Creating a new sourcing culture requires us to help our audience to shape their values and to inform their decisions; this is the vision of RawAssembly”.


We attended their inaugural event at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, and the depth of feeling in the room was captivating.

Upcycling, recycling, repurposing, and just plain-old-run-of-the-mill making materials out of pineapples, mushrooms and bark, the show has it all!

Of course, we reserved particular love for the section of the show that was exclusively vegan, with stand-out products from Piñatex®, Hemp Fortex, Bark Tex, rehandle, and Ecovative Design. We say, why shouldn’t your shoes be made from mushrooms….after all, if the ‘shroom fits, wear it!

After the success of RawAssembly 2019, watch out for more from these crusaders and stay tuned for RawAssembly 2020.


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