What do we want? Ice Cream! How do we want it? Vegan, of course!

Aside from (dairy-free) chocolate, we can’t think of any better way to satisfy our sweet tooth, which is why we’re mad about Over the Moo vegan dairy free ice cream.

As is the case with most cult brands, Over the Moo was born out of necessity. Its lactose intolerant founder, Alexander Houseman, searched far and wide for a dairy free ice cream that would satisfy his near-insatiable cravings for the cold, creamy stuff.

Consistently disappointed by what he found in freezers across the land, he teamed up with a top ice cream maker, and set about creating his own. The result? A coconut milk ice cream that makes us wish there was a Nobel Peace Prize for Ice Cream Making (because this stuff is ah-maze-ing!).

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest supermarket and stock up on it. It’s easy to find – there are over 900 outlets, so you won’t have to sprint far before you find it. All that’s left then, is to sit down and seriously indulge. You’re welcome.