Animal prints are a wardrobe staple and leopard print is dominating this winter. We’re talking everything from bags and shoes to dresses, shirts and pants. Even accessories haven’t escaped the trend (leopard print scrunchies, we’re looking at you). And why not? It’s easy to style – pair it with anything black or layer it for a very “now” look.

Still not convinced? We’ve done the hard work for you and pulled together a total look. Time to roar!

1. Mink Pink, Nevada Jacket, $179.95
2. Torannce, Everyday Blouse, $299
3. Angela Roi, Cher Tote, $359
4. Levi’s, Mile High Crop Flare, $129.95
5. Dear Addison, Lunar Earrings, $39.95
6. Therapy, Evelyn, $89.95
7. Izoa, Creatures Hair Clip, $29

If Animal Print is not quite your thing, fear not and check out some of our other fashion collections.

About the Author


Sally is a director of The Vegan Company.

Sally has extensive experience working in high end fashion and beauty across media and communications, starting out in London (does mentioning the 90s date her?!) before settling in Sydney.

She loves a start up, so when the chance came to put her skills to work with early stage companies she formed her own business and went for it, consulting to a number of fantastic businesses that have gone on to be great successes.

As a qualified colour and style consultant, Sally is not afraid to tell you who wore it best! With 4 children (counting, of course, the 4 legged fur ball) and a home in Sydney’s inner west, Sally loves her busy life: running, cycling, walking, sports and good food and wine….definitely good wine!

Having grown up in the mincemeat environment of Northern England, working on The Vegan Company has altered Sally’s perspective on life, and opened her eyes. She genuinely feels that she can make a change, one step at a time, one day at a time! She is proud to be part of this new wave, and for her, this new world.

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