There’s no escaping it – the world has changed. Old ways are being replaced and many emerging trends have been fast tracked. While sustainability and ethics have been buzz words in fashion, consumers are increasingly demanding that brands consider their environmental impacts and ethical standards, as well as the exploitation of humans and animals. 

One such brand that fully understands this is LA ENVIRO (literally translating to “The Environment”). The brainchild of Jasmine Meelu, LA ENVIRO is an Australian fashion accessories brand offering a modern, classic range of vegan handbags, watches and wallets. 

Unisex Watch sold through the company La Enviro

Tierra 40 MM Unisex Watch $100 AUD

Setting out to create a viable alternative for those who care about the planet and the animals we share it with, LA ENVIRO is 100% vegan and cruelty free. It aims to protect animals from the leather industry, while creating sustainable fashion with minimal damage and depletion to nature.

Tierra 40MM Rose Gold $100 AUD

When commenting on the launch of LA ENVIRO, Jasmine says:

I have always been a believer of kindness and an admirer of people who bring about big positive changes. People who can do for the planet and the people in it, as much as they can do for themselves are the real changemakers.

When my husband and I discovered that animal agriculture, especially for the fashion industry, was a leading cause of extinction of many species and major contributor to deforestation, ocean dead zones, water pollution and depletion of natural resources, we knew we needed to change our habits. And that change needed to go beyond us. 

That’s when we conceived the idea of launching a vegan leather fashion accessory brand with a difference.”

Nia Single Zipper Purse $100 AUD

LA ENVIRO’s collection of PETA approved purses and crossbody bags, elegant wallets and watches shows how good cruelty free fashion can be. Increasingly customers are wanting to buy less but buy well, so durability has become an important part of the conversation around sustainability. To that end, the small team of LA ENVIRO designers also tests the wear and tear of materials to ensure products are as functional as they are fashionable. 

Esme double Zipper Black Purse $90 AUD

Made from vegan leather with eco-friendly, recycled plastic bottle lining, each LA ENVIRO is hand crafted by artisans resulting in a reduced carbon footprint and beautifully finished products of designer quality with a luxury feel.

With a mission to be kind and giving in all that they do, as well as striving to make the world a safe place for animals, LA ENVIRO also works on the idea of giving back to society by donating over 10% of total sales to various charities across the globe.

They also offer free worldwide shipping! Head to La Enviro to check out their full range of products

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