Harry Potter, iPhone 6, K-pop concert tickets… and now Kylie Skin has joined the list of fastest selling products ever.

It launched on 22 May and sold out on, yep, May 22. it was only a matter of minutes (six to be exact) before the Kylie Skin set, priced at $125, was gone, with the entire range sold out by the end of the day. All via the Kylie Skin website.

Jenner has since taken to Instagram to share with fans details of the crazy success that is Kylie Skin and reassured everyone that new stock is on its way. The Kylie Skin 6-piece set is being restocked on June 5 while the full range will be restocked on June 10.



So why was Kylie Skin so big? Well first up, it’s Kylie Jenner. Secondly, Jenner has included a product for every step of your skincare routine (it’s broken down into cleanse, tone and hydrate). And let’s not forget that the range is free of parabens, sulfates and gluten. They’re also dermatologist tested, 100 per cent vegan and cruelty free. Oh, and everything is pink.
It’s also very affordable. For cleansing, there’s a walnut face scrub, $22, a foaming face wash, $24 and makeup removing wipes, $10. To tone, there’s a vanilla milky toner, $22 and to hydrate there’s a vitamin c serum, $28, an eye cream, $20 and face moisturiser at $24. There’s also a handy travel accessory bag at $22. The skin kit retailing at $120 is valued at $140 includes all products from the range (excluding the makeup wipes).


While the walnut face scrub made news for all the wrong reasons (it was deemed too harsh and bad for your skin) it appears that no publicity is bad publicity. There’s also been plenty of great reviews on the products themselves (yes, even the walnut scrub). So get out your wallets and let’s hope the restock lasts a little longer than the first drop!


Images: Kylie Skin

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