Never mind that the temperatures have dropped, hemlines are lower and sleeves are a lot less short … you still want to glow like the goddess you are, right?

To help you out, we grilled the ultimate golden glow-inducer, Sonya Driver, founder of vegan tanning company, Eco-Tan, for her top tips to tan this winter (without a tinge of tandoori in sight!).

1. Preparation is King

Preparing your skin to perfection is an absolute must to a good long lasting tan. “Do your hair removal and exfoliation at least 24-48 hours prior (never on the same day) to tanning to create an even surface produce the best results,” says Sonya.

Eco Tan Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub, $34.95,
– Apply it to Eco Tan Exfoliant Glove, $19.50, and massaging in firm but gently circular movements over the body. Pay special attention to areas prone to dry skin, like the knees, elbows and ankles.


2. Application Station

Winter tans should be subtle, so opt for a gradual tanning formula rather than a full-on colour. “It will allow you to control how dark you go by how often you apply,” explains Sonia.

“Apply it exactly like a moisturiser. Start at your ankles and gradually work upwards using circular motions. A great tip is to apply a small amount of milky moisturiser to your hands, feet, elbows, knees to help get an even tan on those pesky dry spots. Always wash your hands after application.”

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La Vera Basis Sensitive Moisturising Body Lotion, $19.75


3. After Care – for a glow that goes the distance

Immediately after application, san around in super loose clothing – or naked if nobody else is home – to avoid streak marks. Once your tan is fully dry, wear loose clothing until your next swore, which ultimately should be in at least five to eight hours or more.

“To maintain your colour longer, keep your skin moisturised and avoid synthetic soaps and body washes, says Sonia. “Use a good moisturiser daily for extra hydration. The key is to keep your outer layer of skin in top condition as this will make the tan last longer and fade off, rather than wear off in a patchy way.”

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4. Don’t Forget Your Face

The most gorgeous tan in the word will always look odd if it’s mismatched to your face. Enter, Eco Tan Certified Organic Face Tan Water, $34.95

“This gives your face a natural sun kissed look without clogging your pores or causing breakouts,” says Sonia. “It really is the Holy Grail of fake tanning products. Apply it just like a toner two to three times per week.”