There’s nothing like celeb power to give The Cause a bit of zing, and singing/songwriting megastar Justin Bieber has once again been doing his bit for ethical living. Bieber has teamed up with vegan beauty company Schmidt’s Naturals to launch an all-natural, all-vegan deodorant called Here + Now. Bieber revealed the exciting new product on Twitter: “Ready for Here + Now… new collab coming this Fall.”

Like Schmidt’s other products, we can be sure the new deodorant will be cruelty-free, made from natural ingredients, and will actually work. Moving away from chemicals, Schmidt’s uses a variety of minerals and plant-based ingredients to keep odours at bay.

Bieber chose the name to remind people to live in the present, focusing on their wellbeing, both physical and mental. According to Michael Cammarata, Schmidt’s CEO and co-founder, Here + Now is intended to “inspire a conversation around health, wellness, and optimism for the future. It’s a means to talk about the issues that we all face day to day and how we can support each other in our collective journey to live our best lives.”

While this is not the first time the Canadian singer has ventured into the beauty biz, this is likely to be the first product released under the brand name ‘Bieber Beauty,’ which was registered by Justin’s wife, Hailey Bieber née Baldwin, just last month.

Here + Now is yet to be released, so be on the look out later this year.


Image: Justin Bieber / Instagram