Jonathan Ohayon is a designer, an “animal rights entrepreneur” and founder of Fashion for Animal Kingdom and Environment (F.A.K.E.).

Along his dad and brother, he founded the Arsayo Paris brand, which is behind the award winning sustainable Vegan City backpack (made from cork and featuring a secure closure).

Jonathan created F.A.K.E., a global movement that supports designers from around the world that offer vegan, ethical and cruelty-free options with events and other promotional activity. F.A.K.E. also launched the world’s first vegan museum (in Los Angeles) to help educate people on the impact of the fashion industry and the solutions to be found in Art and Fashion.

As part of their ongoing commitment to innovate and educate, F.A.K.E. has now launched weekly events: F.A.K.E. Virtual Pop-ups. Featuring ethical brands from around the world there’s also conversation with inspiring guests such as Tabitha Brown (Actress/Influencer), Jane Velez Mitchell (Journalist/founder of Jane Unchained) , Colleen Patrick Goudreau (Author/Influencer) , Maria Gabriela De Faria (Actress/Influencer) & many more…

And if he wasn’t busy enough, each week Jonathan is committed to supporting and participating in animal activism activities such as Pig vigils and the Cube of Truth. Ultimately, Jonathan wants to see a kinder world for animals and we’re all for that! Here he tells us about this vegan journey.

What was your motivation for becoming a vegan?

My main motivation was the animal cruelty! I saw a speech from Gary Yourofsky and went vegan right away! Before that, I didn’t even hear about that word… Then I realized all the benefits this lifestyle had on my health and the environment which push me to become an animal rights advocate.

Did you have an “ah-ha” moment that sealed the deal?

Yes, right away after this speech, I went from eating Mcdonalds once a week to a complete fruit lover!

Especially after seeing the backstage of the dairy industry… 

What have been the biggest challenges since transitioning?

For me, this never been like a challenge. Transitioning was very easy, I think you can’t go back once you embrace love and compassion. I would say that my biggest challenge was to accept the fact that I used to contribute to these industries… But not anymore 🙂

Is there anything you really miss?

Not at all. There are alternatives for every food you want! Steak, eggs, bacon, brie cheese… Being vegan never been that easy!

What are your vegan kitchen cupboard and fridge staples?

Avocado, nuts, cilantro, and avocado with some avocado! 

I am an easy eater, rice and beans can make me happy.

Tell us your favourite vegan dish that you cook

I veganized the “poisson-poichiche” (Morrocan fish)!

I can eat this every day!!

Vegan Poisson-Poichiche (Morrocan fish) – recipe on Jane Unchained

What about fashion and beauty, what are your favourite brands?

Of course Arsayo!!

I have so many brands in mind right now! it is very difficult to make a selection… If you go on the F.A.K.E. movement website, we listed all our favorite brands!

How has your health/wellbeing changed since becoming vegan?

I’m almost never sick! maybe once a year and it will last two days! I used to never believe people saying that once you are vegan you don’t get sick, but this is actually true (of course you need to sleep well and combine this diet with a good lifestyle).

How did friends and family react when you told them you were becoming vegan?

“Yeah right… we’ll see in three months”. Now it’s been six years and many friends come to ask me for some advice about how to become vegan. 🙂

Have you found any situations particularly difficult?

The most difficult for me is to accept that for some people, the destruction of our planet or the mass killing of animals is ok. I just hope one day they will realise that those behaviours have consequences, and that if they want to be healthy – and live in a world without a virus and with a beautiful ecosystem – they should make a change.

Who are your vegan role models?

I have so many! Gary Yourofsky, Joaquin Phoenix, Jason Mraz, Nathalie Portman, Earthling Ed… & more

Are there any documentaries, books, movies, podcasts or websites you’d recommend?

The speech of Gary Yourofsky of course but as well Cowspiracy and What the Health which are amazing! Game changers is also very motivating for people who are looking to be healthy! And the book, The China Study is so informative!

We also just launched a podcast that I highly recommend. 🙂

What was the last new vegan discovery that you made?

La Durée.”

The Los Angeles branch of this French pastry 100% vegan! This is heaven in your mouth!!

If you had one message for anyone considering making the commitment to be vegan, what would it be?

Everybody who went vegan says the same thing: “I wish I did it earlier.”

Be a leader, not a follower!

What’s the best thing about being vegan?

It gives you a goal in your life bigger than anything else, which will help you to be more successful in everything you do.

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