OK, so I don’t know about anyone else, but my place looks like a jungle right now with all of the indoor and outdoor plants I’ve acquired. Over the past few years, house plants have become a huge trend. This is pretty cool because it means more and more people are using their green thumbs. And of course it’s great for the planet, not to mention our own health. But what if you’re a novice when it comes to caring for your plant babies?

Here are five tips for ensuring they last the distance.

Indoor plant collection

1. Choose the right plants for you
There are so many different options for house plants, all of which have different benefits and methods of caretaking. Some thrive in direct light, some need constant attention, others may only need to be watered every two weeks. Doing your research and learning about the plants you want to purchase is super important, especially as a first-time plant parent!

TIP: It is also important to know what each plant can do for you. Aloe vera for example is also known as the ‘plant of immortality’ and is great for air purification. The gel inside of the plant is used for healing minor cuts and burns including sunburn; which is especially important if you’re living in the hot Australian sun!

2 Understand the benefits of plants (and take advantage)
Studies have shown plants in your home or workplace can have a positive effect on your mental health by reducing stress and fatigue. Some plants such as lavender and jasmine even lead to a more restful sleep.

Again, doing your research is so important! If you work long hours or don’t feel you have the time for horticulture, choose those that are easier to maintain such as the snake plant, or small succulents that don’t require much watering.

Having a plant (or a few) requires love and attention, so ensure you are choosing plants you can care for and not neglect.

Indoor plant collection

3 Make friends with fellow plant lovers
There are heaps of online groups and meetups for plant lovers, as well as events where you can go and buy your very own plants and mingle with the like-minded. One great pop-up indoor plant sale is run by The Jungle Collective, who roam around Australia hosting jungle plant parties filled with styling inspiration, jungle themed music and an on-site horticulturalist.

These kind of events are great as it means you can learn more about different types of plants, and meet a few new ones along the way. Find out more here.

TIP: The next events are in Sydney, Richmond and the Gold Coast on January 18 and 19, featuring over 170 species of indoor plants. Tickets are FREE and available to purchase from Monday January 13.

4. Don’t feel pressured to rush into things
Just because all of your Instagram buddies have lush, gorgeous indoor jungles in their houses it doesn’t mean you have to! Get inspired, do your research, and start growing your plant family only when you’re ready.

The best tip is to start small, consider your resources and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Go to your local gardening shops and florists and pick their brains; they know their stuff!

Indoor plant collection

5. Last and certainly not least… have fun with it!
Bringing home your very first indoor plant can feel very exciting and daunting at the same time. Hold on to that feeling and stay motivated!

Having indoor plants is one of the most fun and trendy hobbies right now, and with the right amount of effort and research can be super easy to do. As with everything else, developing your skills will take time.

Indoor plant collection

So what are you waiting for?? Get planting!


Main photo by Alena Shekhovtcova from Pexels. All other images supplied by author.

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