Comfy and trendy aren’t always two words that work together in the same sentence but street trainers – or sneakers – successfully crossed that great divide back in the 1980s, and new designs often get the kind of publicity reserved for Kpop and royal babies.

From Converse and Lacoste to Nike and Adidas, each brand has had its time to shine as the latest label to be wearing on your feet. And what’s exciting for vegans is that the industry is keeping pace with a changing world, so we can now happily be part of the scene without causing any harm to animals. Check out our picks for this season.

Wills Vegan Store – NY Sneakers, $145
These breathable and water-resistant sneakers come in various colours. They’re created using with Italian vegan leather made from plants and bio oil sourced from organic cereal crops grown in Northern Europe in a carbon neutral process. Phew! Free shipping to Australia.


Matt & Nat – Hazel, $98
This Canadian company continue to impress with their vegan ranges, always using vegan leather and recycled materials. The Hazel sneakers are created from smooth vegan leather with a round toe and six lace-up designs so they can work back with almost every look. We love both the White and Lily.


Beyond Skin – Esme Silver Vegan Trainers, $145
Are you looking to get noticed? Check out the Esme minimalist style trainer from Beyond Skin. Handmade in Spain these hi-tops were created using silver faux leather, making them 100% vegan. Launched in 2001, Natalie and her team know what women are looking for and they deliver season after season.


Stella McCartney – Stella #stansmith Adidas, $430
It’s hard to walk away from Stan Smith. Although a little on the $$$ side, Stella’s signature Stan Smiths will stay on our Wishlist forever. Created in Italy using 100% recycled polyester, these sneakers have all the Stella and Stan signatures from the logo print on the tongue to the perforated star side panels. You’ll be making a statement.


Veja – SDU Hexa, $155
Using recycled polyester, this sustainable label, Veja, has created the very cool and understated SDU Hexa sneaker. Made with a breathable mesh and vegan suede upper, this style is not hard not to purchase!


Converse – Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Pride High Top, $80
From their rainbow soles to custom made options (with your choice of flag inspired colours, laces and limited-edition patches), we love the new vegan All Star Pride High Top from Converse. Created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pride, they might not be your everyday go-to sneaker,  but they’re a “must have” from us!


Tips from PETA when shopping for vegan shoes:

+ Non-synthetic materials: Nearly all running shoes are made exclusively with synthetic materials to keep them light and breathable, but some are made of synthetics blended with animal skin (leather).
+ Glues: The synthetic materials of running shoes are put together using strong glues. In some brands, the glue is derived from animal bones.
+ Dyes: Most shoes are made with synthetic dyes, but some brands may colour their shoes with inks and dyes derived from animals.


Main image: Veja/Instagram

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