Greta Thunberg became a household name last year when she started a one-person school strike outside Swedish Parliament, protesting lack of action to prevent climate change.

Since then, at the age of just 16, she has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, given speeches at the UK Houses of Parliament, and been called the voice of her generation.

Her message is clear – there needs to be immediate global action to combat the ‘climate crisis.’ She says: “We have to start treating the crisis like a crisis – and act even if we don’t have all the solutions.” For Greta, this includes the individual; she urges us to find alternatives to driving, reuse/recycle/upcycle, and turn off unnecessary electronics.

And of course the schoolgirl is walking the talk. She has given up buying new items, stopped travelling by plane, and become vegan. She’s also persuaded her family to give up meat.

“I kept telling them that they were stealing our future and they cannot stand up for human rights while living that lifestyle, so then they decided to make those changes. My dad is vegan, my mom, she tries – she’s 90 per cent vegan.”

As Greta knows, diet choices make a significant contribution to global warming A study conducted by the University of Oxford showed that making the switch to veganism could reduce your contribution to greenhouse gas emissions by up to 73 per cent. And a plant-based diet can reduce your water footprint by over 50 per cent.

The young eco-warrior is now planning to continue her protest in America. This month she will be sailing across the Atlantic on zero-emissions boat equipped with solar panels and water turbines.

She’ll be hitching a lift with pro-sailor Boris Herrmann and Monaco royalty Pierre Casiraghi will be captaining the yacht. Says Casiraghi: “Convincing governments and international institutions to make the step and enforce laws that will protect mankind and biodiversity is of utmost importance for the future of humanity. Greta is an ambassador who delivers a fundamental message both for our society and for the survival of future generations.”


Image: Greta Thunberg/Instagram

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