Are you gluten intolerant? Or do you feel you prefer recipes without wheat or gluten? Before realising I was gluten intolerant I ate oats for breakfast every day for around eight years straight. I loved it! But it was ruining my body, my well-being, and my natural beauty. Having to make and finally accept my intolerance eight years ago, I embarked on an intense dietary research journey and am still on it, which has led me to run my website and write two books on the plant-based diet. On this journey, I have discovered the benefits of a fruit-based diet. Now I love fruit so much, and believe so deeply in its benefits that that is mostly what I and my family eat, fruit and we love it! However, when we want a treat, or variety, or something heavier, faster, more filling, more grounding, whatever it be, I find this recipe really lovely to have. I would more likely have it for afternoon tea, dinner or dessert than I would breakfast in order to have my body truly benefit from the nutrients of the fruit I eat throughout the day (more on this in my book Vegan Diet Meal Plan available on, however, if you’re not a big fruit eater you could absolutely enjoy this for breakfast or any meal of the day. It’s nutritious, delicious and super simple. Plus you can make it in bulk and store it on the shelf for another day.

Serves 2

Prep Time 15 minutes

Cooks In 15 minutes

Difficulty easy