This coming weekend (that’s Monday morning here in Oz), the final episode of the final season ever of fantasy drama Game of Thrones will be screened on Fox, and fans everywhere are heading for the hills in a desperate bid to avoid spoilers.

So it seems an opportune moment to celebrate the fact that there are more vegans among the cast than there were characters who fell at the Battle of Winterfell. And they’re not behind the curtain, either. Rather, many have been using their powerful (at least for now!) voices to speak up for our fellow beings. We knew there was a reason we were going to miss that show.

Nathalie Emmanuel AKA Missandei

Nathalie Emmanuel I Image: GOT Facebook

Vegan for the past years, actor and yoga teacher Nathalie is known for sharing her favourite vegan snacks on social media. A true friend to all animals, she’s tweeted about saving a fly and tried to help a potentially injured bee in her garden. And like her compassionate costar Maisie Williams (read on), she also supported a campaign to stop animal testing.

“I ate vegan for one week at first—I would have reassessed if it made me feel really ill, but it made me feel really good, so I carried on for another week, and then I felt even better. People kept coming up to me and telling me I looked glowy and my eyes looked really bright, so I kept going.”

Bella Ramsey AKA Lyanna Mormont

Bella Ramsey I Image: GOT Facebook

Fifteen-year-old Bella has been vegan for more than two years. The world knows this because she declares it in her Twitter bio. She champions animal rights, veganism and climate change and often lends her huge social support to such causes as worldveganday and her favourite cruelty-free fashion buys such as the vegan Dr Martens.

Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lannister

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister I Image: GOT Facebook

Peter became vegetarian more than 15 years ago and now lives as a vegan. He’s a spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals an ambassador for Cruelty Free International.

“I decided to become a vegetarian when I was in my teens. At the time I was doing it because of my love for animals, but also for a girl. Of course! I have continued to stay with it out of my great respect for animals, though. Any form of animal abuse is pretty upsetting to me.”

Maisie Williams AKA Arya Stark

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark I Image: GOT Facebook

Contrary to many reports, Maisie hasn’t actually confirmed whether she’s vegan or not. What we do know is that she’s outspoken on issues of animal welfare, being a fan of the AdoptDontShop hashtag and having taken part in The Body Shop’s campaign against animal testing. She’s also complained on record about the food on set of GOT, saying, “Come on, guys, real chicken? We can make CGI shadow-babies and alchemic hellfire, but we can’t use fake chicken?”

Jerome Flynn AKA Bronn

Jerome Flynn as Bronn I GOT Facebook

A longtime vegan, Jerome has starred in two PETA campaigns encouraging viewers to “Reject Cruelty, Go Vegan”. He stopped eating meat after falling in love at uni with someone who gave him some PETA leaflets.

“I was always an animal lover, but we’re not really educated to link the food on our plate to the animals that we love. Veganism suits me very well. I don’t miss meat at all. I feel great. I believe I’m healthier than most guys my age.”

Game of Thrones’ final episode will air in Australia on Foxtel and Foxtel Now on Monday, May 20, from 11am.

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