Have you heard of No Saints? You have now. The new vegan footwear brand is the brainchild of Caroline Breure, who’s on a mission to drive the shift towards a cruelty free world and make leather obsolete in the process.

After going vegan, Caroline found that there wasn’t enough stylish and high quality vegan footwear available, and if she was going to try and convince her non vegan friends to ditch leather, there needed to be more and better alternatives. She decided to start with sneakers for their universal appeal: unisex, can be worn in all stages of life and these days in almost every occasion.

vegan footwear brand

It is estimated that more than one billion animals are slaughtered every year by the leather industry. But none of that going on here. No Saints’ sneakers are handmade in Portugal from high quality materials including apple and pineapple leather. Their shoes have names such as Ruby and Pamela – each named after vegan celebrities who are raising awareness for animal welfare.

The shoes look, feel and wear exactly like traditional leather, but without the slaughtering and the negative environmental impact of the toxic tanning process required to stop leather from biodegrading.
Everything about No Saints has been carefully thought through and is designed to challenge vegan stereotypes. Right down to the brand name.

“Most people think vegans see themselves as being morally superior and better than everyone else. We want to break that stereotype and show you can be a better human without having to be perfect” says Caroline.

Currently, the sneakers are in seven different colour ways and available exclusively through their website nosaints.co ranging from $220 to $250, plus they offer free shipping Australia wide. They’re currently shipping to Canada, USA, Europe and New Zealand as well.

• Substances used in the leather tanning process include cyanide, arsenic, chromium and formaldehyde. Tannery workers have high chances of developing respiratory ailments, skin conditions and multiple types of cancer.


vegan footwear brand