Looking for something to jazz up your street frontage? The vegan flag was officially adopted by the international vegan community in June two years ago. You may have come across it before but if not, here’s a little recent history lesson.

The vegan flag is what’s known as a civil flag, one that is flown by civilians on non-governmental buildings or vehicles and ships. Inspired by the rainbow flag from the LGBT community, it was designed by vegan activist Gad Hakimi, an Israeli designer, in cooperation with a group of graphic designers and activists from several countries

Originally, some members of the design team suggested that animals should be heroes on the flag, with red colours featuring prominently in memorial of the slaughtered. However, they eventually decided that its focus should rather be about animals and humans being equal. What they came up with was three blue and green triangles that form the letter V – an inverted pyramid that symbolizes the ability to do the impossible.

The colours white, green and blue were chosen to represent the connection of humanity to the animals in their natural habitats – blue for the sea and sky, green for the land, and white for unity.

For the purists, the colour values are: Blue #0077C8 RAL 5012 Pantone 3005c; and Green #00B140 RAL 6037 Pantone 354c.