Are you heading back to work but not sure you can cope without your Pj’s? Don’t worry, we have some great fashion solutions that will keep you looking cool & feeling comfortable!

Let’s face it, thanks to Covid-19, we’ve all been living in our casual clothing for a few months. Just as we were getting used to comfortably waisted trousers (also known as PJ’s or Joggers) and dressing so our top half looked like Moira from Schitt’s Creeks (yes, she is a favourite of mine!), lockdown is over!

Those living in the Northern Hemisphere are lucky enough to be stretching their limbs and heading out into the warm air. But for Australian’s (Southern Hemisphere), it’s getting much colder. It’s about now that we really want to just huddle down into our, you guessed it, comfortable trousers! What to do? Don’t worry, here’s a hot new trend (or two) for you… 

Statement Suits

Statement suits are a comfortable, yet fashionable, option this season. If you’re watching The Voice, you’ll understand why Delta Goodrem went for that cool statement suit – hours of sitting in a chair but managing to stay stylish looking is a huge tick (even though she isn’t vegan).

Want your own statement suit? Try these:


More casual than a dress and edgier than a jumpsuit, boilersuits are set to be a massive trend for 2020. … From layering with polo necks to going glam with boots and accessories, you’ll feel confident making your boiler suit work for any and every occasion. Here’s some you’ll love:

Wood Wood Irene White Boilersuit
One Teaspoon Leopard Print Denim Boilersuit

If nothing here takes your fancy, then head to our Fashion homepage for more style options!

Photo by Etty Fidele on Unsplash

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Having grown up in the mincemeat environment of Northern England, working on The Vegan Company has altered Sally’s perspective on life, and opened her eyes. She genuinely feels that she can make a change, one step at a time, one day at a time! She is proud to be part of this new wave, and for her, this new world.

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