Animal protection organisation FOUR PAWS is calling on people to pledge to Wear It Kind, to encourage kindness and to show to the world that people want to see an animal-friendly fashion future.

A recent opinion poll revealed that the key areas of concern for fashion shoppers are fur, exotic leathers (such as crocodiles and snakes), domestic leather, and the wool industry.

The Wear It Kind campaign is targeting these key animal welfare issues, calling for change from both shoppers and brands to create a kinder fashion industry.

Almost two billion animals end up in fashion and textiles each year via the fur, leather and wool industries. Yet most fashion brands are unaware of how the animals used in their products are really treated. The reality is that many of them will endure pain, fear and stress due to cruel mutilation practices and inadequate living conditions.

The Wear It Kind campaign is designed to lead progressive change for animals and get the real story out to shoppers and brands.

High profile fashion houses Chanel, Armani, Gucci and Prada are among those to announce they will no longer use animal fur in designs or new products. Others have committed to end the use of exotic leather or to only use mulesed-free wool.

Proactive animal welfare policies have been announced by H&M and ASOS, with more on the horizon. However, we need to see more brands take these steps if we want to see widespread change for animals.

You can take the pledge to ‘Wear It Kind’ by visiting