When in Los Angeles recently, we were lucky enough to hang out with Jonathan Ohayon, animal activist and founder of the FAKE Movement (Fashion for Animal Kingdom & Environment).
The FAKE Movement brought us the world’s first Vegan Fashion Museum and was behind a series of successful vegan fashion pop-ups and movie screenings in LA this year. Now, off the back of a very successful ethical Halloween event, FAKE is going global.

From December 5-8 in, pop-up fashion events will be taking place simultaneously in LA, Paris and Tel Aviv. More than 50 clothing and accessories designers, who work according to the standards of vegan and ethical fashion, will be presenting their collections. For some of these independent brands, this will be the first opportunity to showcase their work. Plus they’ll have exposure in the partnering cities.

Jonathan and his brother Ary (with whom he also founded Arsayo – an innovative eco-friendly city backpack) have set out to create a viable platform for fashion and accessory designers (whom they refer to as ‘FAKERS’) to present their brands globally. The designers are carefully vetted to ensure they pursue a cruelty-free and transparent agenda, working with alternatives for damaging and problematic materials such as leather, wool, fur, synthetic and more.

The fashion industry is one of the top polluters in the world,” Jonathan explains. “It does more damage to the environment than all the international flights and maritime traffic combined. It is a worldwide issue; therefore, we need to support each other from around the globe and brainstorm, learn, network, collaborate, educate each other.”

For the upcoming global pop-up, the founders have joined forces with Tel Aviv-based Viktoria Kanar, founder and CEO of GeekChicTLV, a production company that specialises in conceptual fashion events and helps fashion and textile companies to transition into a sustainable framework.
The production of the event comes at a time when more and more decision makers in the fashion and textile industry are beginning to understand the importance of cruelty free, transparent and ethical agendas, due to consumer demand for alternatives to common materials.



Locations for the pop-ups include:

LA: at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) on Hollywood Blvd. The LACE mission is to “challenge the art of our time by fostering artists who innovate, explore, and risk”.

Paris: at VG LAB the very first creative space to promote veganism by sharing, educating, brainstorming and networking.

Tel Aviv: at the port, where the event will be hosted at the Comme Il Faut chain concept store that supports independent designers and slow fashion.

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Melissa believes there’s a huge shift occurring in the way the world views and treats animals and is excited to be a part of the global vegan movement driving this.

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